Friday, March 30, 2012


Outfit Details:
Love Label striped top - c/o Very
skirt - vintage
vintage fishies necklace - gift from my mom
Seychelles Ampersand heels - c/o ModCloth
Crocus yellow tote - c/o L.K. Bennett
lipstick - MAC Dish It Up 

I've been talking about my move but haven't really shown you a peek at my apartment, yet! You still aren't getting much of a view with these pictures, save for the brick wall and the same vintage, shutter style dresser I've had since I moved to New York (thanks, mom!). I promise that once things are set up a little more, I'll do a little photo tour of the apartment. I'm pretty thrilled with the space; there are exposed brick walls in every room and I actually have space for my clothing! I stayed in my little, run down apartment for much longer than I wanted to in order to save up for a place I loved. When I first moved to Brooklyn, I didn't even have a closet and my room was the bigger one in the apartment, at 8x9 feet. I then moved to a place that had a couple of small closets but was actually a step down from my first place, only it was in a better neighborhood. Now, I am finally in a place that I can comfortably call a home. I love the apartment and the neighborhood (I'm still in Park Slope). It makes such a huge difference to actually like where I'm living. It only took five years!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

florals for spring

Outfit Details:
Martel jacket - borrowed
open weave tank - TJ Maxx (with forever 21 cami underneath)
belt - thrifted
Citizens of Humanity floral jeans - Shopbop
Romance boots - c/o Seychelles (old)
Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini - c/o Rebecca Minkoff
rings - Forever 21 and Banana Republic high ball cocktail ring (gift from our trip)
vintage glasses - Guvnor's Vintage

This bevy of neutrals is quite a stark contrast to yesterday's pink and red, which was quite a difference from the previous day's dark, earthy ensemble. But they all have one thing in common: florals. I always hate it when they (who's they?) say "Florals are huge for Spring" because let's be honest, florals are always huge for Spring. We've spent months with barren trees and frosty toes, and flowers mark a happy end to all of that nonsense.

Also, I just really like florals. End of story.
p.s. Material World - a pop-up store selling clothing from your favorite "tastemakers"- launched today and is selling some items from my closet, along with some really cool people. You can shop my closet, then head on over to see what the Man Repeller, Steven Alan, the Dannijo girls and others are selling. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On monster boots and loving Leo

Outfit Details:
Ali Ro anorak - c/o Ali Ro (I think that's the closest color)
dress - Rebecca Minkoff (old, last Spring)
Banana Republic cross body bag - c/o Banana Republic
rings - street vendor and c/o Sorrelli
bracelets - Forever 21, Tory Burch
Jeffrey Campbell boots - LF sale
lipstick - Urban Decay Crush

I know these boots aren't for everyone, but they make the 90s child in me happy. 90s me would be very disappointed that I never succeeded in marrying Leonardo DiCaprio despite the love letter I wrote to him that clearly articulated why we were perfect for one another. Sure, I was only 12 and he was 22 but for some reason, that doesn't seem creepy when you're a child and watching Romeo + Juliet every possible moment. I would soon continue that obsession with Titanic, so you can only imagine how excited I am about the re-release in IMAX. When I say obsessed, you probably think I watched it a handful of times and maybe had a shrine to Leo on my wall. The latter part is true, but I also watched it a lot more than a handful of times and collected everything Titanic related that I could find. I was already borderline obsessed with the history (even letting my aunt convince me that perhaps I was reincarnated) before the movie, but then they threw Leo in the mix and I went into that teenage hysteria everyone loves to hate. I even made my family go to the Titanic Exhibit on our trip to Tampa...instead of an amusement park. My sisters were less than thrilled.

In short, you might want to let me wear these boots to appease my weirdo 90s, infatuated-with-everything-Leonardo-DiCaprio-does self, because if I don't have something to latch onto, I might just get weirder and weirder and I don't have enough room for a new Leonardo shrine.

p.s. I recently came across my Heart Of the Ocean necklace that came in a Titanic jewelry box (we have only scratched the surface, my friends) and you better believe I will be wearing that thing to see the movie.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Makeup Monday: Giveaway!

I'm really excited about today's giveaway, courtesy of Lifebooker, because five of you will win $100 gift cards for a beauty appointment of your choice! Lifebooker has massages, facials, mani/pedis, hair removal, and tons of other beauty/health/fitness/lifestyle services available at up to 70% off. There are a ton of options and salons to choose from (and they list reviews, so you know what you're going into).

It's currently available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, so please keep that in mind before entering.

To enter, all you have to do is sign up for Lifebooker (it's completely free). All signups will be tracked through my link and five winners will be chosen a week from now. I'll announce them here, so check back to see if you won!


Outfit Details:
hat - Gap
bracelets - Forever 21
watch - c/o Rebecca Minkoff for Casio
sunglasses - c/o Guess
Cynthia Rowley trench - Marshalls
Rachel Comey blouse - Bird
belt - thrifted
skirt - thrifted and hemmed
Romance boots - c/o Seychelles (old)
bag - borrowed from Bobby
lipstick - MAC Unlimited

I realized that it has been awhile since Bobby made an appearance on the blog, after I got a few concerned emails and tweets about the state of our relationship. With all of my talk of moving to a new apartment, I guess some of you thought we split up - but we made the move together, hooray! I post a lot of pictures of him on instagram, so next time you're worried, you can just stalk my feed. Then again, I share way too much of my personal life on here, so you would probably know before my facebook status even changed. I'd write a post about the trials and tribulations of determining kitty cat custody, etc. It's that LiveJournal state of mind; I come from a generation of oversharing.

These photos are actually a couple weeks old - the weather has warmed up a bit and Bobby has since ruined the shirt I was wearing. He makes a hobby out of washing and shrinking clothing that is clearly labeled "dry clean only" which works out well for Miku when a sweater is involved, but is all too stressful for Bobby when I'm throwing daggers at him as consequence. I did get the top seriously on sale and since it was oversized, I'm pretty sure I can still wear it. But if he shrinks or loses one more thing, you guys might be reading that aforementioned post about kitty custody. I kid, Bobby, I kid! (But I'm watching you. Leave my laundry alone!)

p.s. I filmed ten makeup videos over the last two Mondays, so I had to give my eyes and skin a little break from Makeup Monday, this week. But even though there isn't a tutorial, I have a special Makeup Monday giveaway coming up after this post!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Wear: How Very!

Outfit Details:
scarf - vintage (see tutorial on how to tie it here)
striped top and trench - c/o Very
shorts - Queen's Wardrobe
Seychelles Petunia heels - c/o Seychelles
Rebecca Minkoff Covet -c/o Rebecca Minkoff (mine is old - I linked to a pretty Spring version)
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

Funny story: When I had dinner with the lovely folks of Very - a British based clothing site - a little while back, I asked them if they named it after the catchphrase in Heathers. They had no idea what movie I was talking about (stupid Keiko!), so I guess that was my answer. That didn't stop me from trying to convince them that 1) they needed to see the movie and 2) they should adopt the catchphrase.

Think about it: They could have the site divided into color coordination depending on which Heather you identified with (red, green, yellow), and a special blue and black spot for Veronicas. The guys section could be called J.D. and it would consist of large overcoats, gear fit for motorcycle rides and crime committing, and t-shirts that say, "Greeting and Salutations." How very!

This is where my mind goes, my friends. I don't want to be pushy or anything, but if they ever think of restructuring their highly successful site into something niche and a little weird that would be lost on anyone who has never seen the movie, they should give me a call. The offer is on the table. Corn nuts!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mad Woman

Outfit details:
headscarf - vintage
Tumbleweeds wooden cat eye sunglasses - c/o Emerging Thoughts
top - H+M
pants - Zara
gloves - vintage
velvet collar - c/o Little Fille
Chloe cropped jacket, Just Cavalli bag, Bruno Magli heels - borrowed from MYHABIT
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

Outfit Details:
Chloe scalloped dress - borrowed from MYHABIT
Mid City Tote - c/o Foley + Corinna
bracelets - vintage
glasses - Ray-Ban
lipstick - MAC Dish It Up

Outfit Details:
dress (with full petticoat underneath) - vintage, and my favorite find, ever!
necklace - vintage
purse - vintage (gift from my friend April)
Pour La Victoire heels - borrowed from MYHABIT
glasses - Ray-Ban
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

MYHABIT recently asked me to be a contributor on their blog, MYHABIT theFix, with a mission to style a duo of Mad Men inspired outfits. Using a few of their vintage inspired garments and accessories and mixing them with my own wardrobe, I went overboard and did three (if I had time, I would have done several more). I couldn't think of a more fun way to celebrate the return of one of my favorite shows, which seems to have ended ages ago. As someone whose style is heavily inspired by the 60s, I found an immediate favorite in Mad Men: first, because of the fashion and then because the story sucked me in. The hoopla surrounding its season premiere is anything but scarce (in-flight Mad Men runway show, anyone?) and I'm thrilled to be able to partake in it. Not only that: I also have a television now - with DVR! - so I can watch it on the actual date of the premiere. We live in the future, my friends. Or more likely, I finally live in the present.

As the show progresses, they get further away from Betty Draper's New Look ensembles and closer to cigarette pants, cropped jackets and shift dresses. Still, I couldn't help but break out my late fifties cocktail dress for a few pictures, too. It's not every day that I can get away with it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feels Like Spring

Outfit Details:
Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent sweater - c/o Cynthia Vincent
floral dress - c/o AY Not Dead (old - seen here and here)
vintage Samsonite bag - bought in Nashville
Seychelles Montreal heel - c/o Seychelles
glasses - Ray-Ban
lipstick - Urban Decay Punch Drunk (blotted - it's way more intense and glossy than in these pictures)

It was just one of those days when a lot of color felt necessary. I've been dying to wear these heels since my friends at Seychelles sent them over, and the weather was finally warm enough to merit a day of bare legs. Not only am I excited for Spring, I'm also really happy that we now live so close to Prospect Park. Picnics with my little puppy in tow are in the near future. Miku loves a good picnic.