Thursday, May 31, 2012

walking with the horses

photo credit: Shae Acopian Detar
(click for larger images)
I wanted to share a couple more images from my day with Shae and Hannah. I'll post more soon; I'm spacing them out because they're very special to me but you can peek at more on Shae's blog. I loved the horse I was standing with in the photo; she was an older mare with the sweetest disposition. She kept giving me soft nuzzles and even kissed me on the nose. I think that means we're friends.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

to the beat of home, sweet home

Outfit Details:
hat - Gap
Ready and Stable dress - c/o ModCloth
Noir We're Talking Tights - c/o ModCloth
belt - thrifted
Jessica Simpson Dany platforms
Ben Minkoff messenger bag - borrowed from Bobby
glasses - vintage
lipstick - MAC Russian Red (tutorial here and here)

You can take the girl out of the country but you can't keep her from wearing horse print dresses. I say that as though I grew up in the country, but I most certainly did not. My mom didn't buy her property in Fellsmere until I was in college; before that, we boarded our horses at a local stable. Back then, it was off of a dirt road and just across a pond and a field full of tomatoes. Much to the workers' dismay, I used to ride my pony or one of my horses out there and race between the crops, and then we would take them swimming in the pond.

Someone left a paddle boat in the middle of the water, so Shawn and I swam out and dragged it back - he was almost up to his ears and I remember thinking, "This was a really bad idea." He was such a good little swimmer, though, and he kept going despite my hesitation. There were otters in there, but the adults never believed us. They never went there with us, so it was sort of a kids' utopia. We called it Winter Wonderland despite the intense heat, because there was a large hill of white sand beside the water, and we would sled down it and pretend it was snow. We were far from the ocean, but if you kept digging, you'd find lots of bleached seashells. So, it could have been any scenery you imagined, really. But it was just as beautiful the way it was - high grass, warm breeze, ponies splashing in the pond. Now it's a bunch of ugly apartment buildings, and that little dirt road that hosted so many hooves is now a busy road. When it came through, we all knew it was over - and in fact, that's exactly where my little sisters were victims of a horrible car accident. Now the ranch is gone, and so are my horses who lived there - save for Diablo, our pretty little Paso.

But life goes on, doesn't it? And memories are the kindest gifts we can always hold onto. I hope that one day my niece will have memories like that, because nothing can beat the bond of a girl and her horse.

Makeup Academy: Red lips

Clearly, I love a good red lip. I've already given you a step by step photo tutorial on how to achieve a red lip, but now I also have a video tutorial available on my Makeup Academy series on Look TV. My go-tos are MAC Prep + Prime lip, Basic Red or Redd lip pencil, and MAC Russian Red. I also love that I can tote their lip brush along without worrying about a mess, since it's retractable. And remember: one of the most important steps occurs well before you wear your red lip: keep your lips moisturized and exfoliated. You can watch the video, below.

Check out more of my video tutorials on Look TV  and  don't forget to subscribe; there are many more videos to be seen!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

peter pan and polka dots

Outfit Details:
scarf - vintage
peter pan blouse - local boutique, but ModCloth carries it, too
Paige Denim Polka Dot jeans - Shopbop
bow heels - $8.88 shoe store in Florida
Cynthia Vincent Berkeley tote - c/o Cynthia Vincent
Jungle Chic glasses - c/o Bonlook
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

If you want to see what a baby I am when I'm woken up from a nap, look no further than the second picture. I know, poor little Keiko, had to wake up from her mid-day siesta. Life's so rough! I'm rolling my eyes for all of us, don't worry. I'm not usually a nap person, but I just can't stay awake in a moving vehicle for long. And I don't do well with that whole "waking up" thing that people are so into. I find it to be a horribly jarring experience and would prefer to sleep right through it, thank you very much.

Stretchy jeans are my go-to for road trips and travels in general - as is the head scarf (tutorial here). But despite the comfort of their extra stretch, skinny jeans are not very flattering on my body type: big hips, thick thighs. I need a little something to balance all that out. But let's just go ahead and put this out there: I have a hard time resisting a pair of polka dotted jeans, okay? I can only do so much.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Outfit Details:
striped shirt - c/o Very
vest - thrifted
Boyjean - Madewell
Libertine for Aldo Rise heels - c/o Aldo
bag - c/o Banana Republic
rings - Kate Spade and vintage
necklace - vintage
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

I've been living in these Madewell boy jeans, lately - especially now that it feels like summer. Skinny jeans don't feel great in this heat and shorts are not a great option, at the moment. Man, my legs look like pale, battered and bruised atrocities right now.

This week has been extraordinarily busy in a very good but slightly stressful way - I hope it all pays off, in the end. I apologize for the lack of Makeup Monday; I'm going to try and post one for tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy these last hours of your holiday weekend. Today, I'm remembering (as if I would ever forget him) my great grandfather, a Navy frogman and my personal hero. He didn't die while serving, he thankfully lived to see his great grandchildren - I'm grateful for that every single day. Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shae Acopian Detar

(click for larger image)

Both images by and courtesy of Shae Acopian Detar.

I met Shae back in 2010, when we were both in the Coach Holiday Campaign. We sat next to each other while we had our hair and makeup done, and I remember how she spent most of her time asking the production team about their lighting and photo equipment, while most of us fawned over the clothes or fidgeted nervously as we watched Kelly look flawless in front of the camera right before we had to take our turn (hi, that was me). Shae's inquisitive nature stood out to me, so I made it a point to check out her portfolio and blog as soon as I got home. I was blown away. Shortly after our shoot and one trip to the flea market and a brunch later, we became fast friends. But it wasn't until recently that I had the extreme pleasure of being one of her subjects, both in photographed and painted photograph form.

What makes her photography special is that it is so recognizably Shae's world; I suppose you would have to meet her to fully understand it, or perhaps you could peek through her portfolio and feel that dream world for yourself. I'm incredibly honored that I had a chance to be a part of that world for the day; I left newly inspired and wanting to learn more, do more, and explore more.

I urge you to check out both Shae's portfolio and her blog to see more of her stunning photography and painted portraits. You can also buy prints of her work AND shop her amazing vintage clothing at Lullie Vintage.

Friday, May 25, 2012

stripes and floral

Outfit Details:
Dee & Ray stripe sleeveless shirt - c/o Dee & Ray 
vintage short sleeve sweater - thrifted
 floral skirt - thrifted 
flower clip - self made 
sunglasses - vintage, gift from my mom 
Lace MAC Clutch - Rebecca Minkoff sample sale 
Let me give you some insight into how long I've been blogging: my dear friend Holly, who now works for d.RA (the line this shirt is from), started reading my blog when she was still in high school and I was a freshman in college. I'd love to lie and tell you that I'm twenty-one, and that was a whole four years ago, but the truth is that I'm twenty-seven! Almost ten years ago, she and her twin sister were buying the clothing I made out of my off-campus, student housing in Florida - they were even the first customers/readers who were interviewed for a local feature on Postlapsaria and my LiveJournal. I'm pretty sure I reconstructed an I <3 NY shirt for her. Years later, that's exactly where we met. 

I sometimes forget that I met a lot of my friends online (particularly LJ), because at some point they become real-life friends and you forget where they started. It's pretty funny to think that years ago, I was the one sending Holly clothing to wear - now, she's sending things for my own wardrobe. Once my new stuff is complete, we'll meet somewhere in the middle. It's kind of awesome to remember where we started, and see where we are now. But it's even more exciting to think of where we're going. Did I mention that her twin sister is a freaking scientist? I pretty much got to watch these girls grow up, and vice versa. 

How long have you been reading my blog? Did you ever read my LiveJournal, or even my Open Diary? Were you on LJ, and if so, what was your username?

p.s. If you own the Audrey tank that I'm wearing now, tweet a photo of you wearing it to  @draclothing for a $25 store credit to use at d.RA. It's available at Nordstrom online here, and in stores. Considering it's only $28 and you'll get $25 in credit back, I'd say that is a pretty good deal!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Outfit Details:
hat - Gap
Origami sweater - c/o Lilla P
Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent maxi dress - c/o Cynthia Vincent 
Berkeley Large Tote - c/o Cynthia Vincent
sandals - c/o Blowfish (old)

Last weekend, Erin and I went to the first day of GoogaMooga, a food and music festival in Prospect Park. We didn't get to actually eat anything, since the lines were crazy and by the time we got to the front, they ran out. Boo! We were the guinea pigs, since it was the first day; I heard that Sunday went pretty smoothly. I was bummed to miss out on the food (though The Roots were pretty killer), but I'm hoping they'll repeat next year and work out the kinks. On the plus side, the weather was beautiful and we just laid on a blanket and enjoyed the weather, then left and went to a burger joint. Plus, Erin found that sweet Jurassic Park poster. I think that alone makes it a very winning day.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

as long as the trees and the flowers grow

Outfit Details:
boater hat - H+M (last year)
vintage lace blouse - thrifted
bow belt - c/o Ruche
Rebecca Minkoff Lace MAC - Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale
skirt - vintage
Exclamation Point heels - c/o Seychelles
glasses - Ray-Ban
lipstick - Bobbi Brown Rose

I don't usually make a habit of climbing trees in heels, but I really wanted to climb the tree and the ants were staring at me like they couldn't wait to eat my bare toes. I've been running around the garment district - almost always in the rain without an umbrella (I'm really good at never having one when I need it) - in casual errands clothing, so having a chance to dress up and feel like "me" is always welcome. This past year has been weird for me in general, but specifically so because Postlapsaria was on hiatus for much, much longer than intended. After a series of pitfalls, setbacks, and general confusion as to what direction I wanted to take it in, I'm happy to say that I completely restructured my work mode and finally accepted that I can no longer do it by myself. I'm working with a great gal and her team on some new items, as well as reintroducing some oldies but goodies. But the most exciting part is just now in production, so that's what has been keeping me busy. I hate talking about things before they're complete, but since so many of you ask what's going on, I wanted to give you a heads up. Also, if you're wondering what I did with all of the older stock that's been waiting around - it's going to be shipped to Emerging Thoughts in a couple of weeks.

Needless to say, I'm very excited to get back to what I like to do best; I've been in a rut without that constant work. That being said, I'm enormously grateful for my readership because without you, I wouldn't have all of the wonderful opportunities that have in turn allowed me to pause, reflect and regroup on the future of my little clothing line. This year is getting awesome. I can feel it!