Tuesday, August 28, 2012

don't let me blog at 5 in the morning

vintage San Francisco shirt - thrifted, a million years ago
sunglasses - Beacon's Closet

I have enough clothing to outfit a small army, and yet I always go back to a few staple pieces. One: that ubiquitous moto jacket that I don't even need to link to, because I have worn it that much. Two: cutoffs, every day, all day. Three: my Ampersand heels, which I have in three colors. Four: this shirt. Actually, it's a handful of old shirts - but this one, in particular, has truly withstood the test of time. Along with my NKOTB shirts (ohhhh yeahhh). I've said this before, but I've never actually been to San Francisco. The day I actually make a trip out there, I will absolutely wear this shirt and an epic instagram will be made. Either that or I'll forget to take a picture and then I'll be like, "You guys, I went to San Francisco and wore that shirt. I swear." And then you'll say "pics or it didn't happen" and then I'll look like a schmuck because I forgot to take a picture.

This shirt, and thinking about its many wears throughout my teen and adult years, has made me realize two things: I need to clean out my freaking closet and I need to travel, next year. Obviously, the former will be completed before next year...fingers crossed. I will definitely be organizing another charity sale for the holidays, but I would also like to start selling some of my old stuff and putting the money toward something more important, like my little sister's college fund. Tessa just started her junior year of high school and I am having a heart attack just typing that sentence. Come to think of it, I was probably her age when I bought this shirt. I want to say it was a dollar, but it was probably 25 cents. That was when Goodwill had their awesome 4 for $1 t-shirt bin and you could literally get inside of it and dig for shirts. Then they jacked up the price to 50 cents and I remember being really bummed, because I only made $5.15 an hour at Auntie Anne's.
I digress - back to my realizations.

Traveling is more of a selfish want than a need; like much of the US population but seemingly not anyone in NYC according to the looks of disbelief I receive, I have never been outside of the country. It's called growing up poor, with a single (but awesome and hard working) mom and a deadbeat dad. Actually, it's called real life - I'm sure there are families who were way better off than us who never took any vacations abroad. No worries, though - I will soon travel and I will probably appreciate it a lot more as an adult. My goal is to make enough money to be able to take my mom, too; she certainly deserves it. But at the moment, there is still much of our own country that I have yet to see, and this shirt is a reminder of that, as well. I can't wait for our fall road trip - hey Kim, hey Erin. Pack your bags.

Somehow, this post turned into a livejournal entry. I don't drink, so I can't blame it on drunk blogging or anything. I blame it on being sick and sleep deprived. Heyyyyyyy girl.


  1. Love everything you wear in that picture!

  2. Ive wanted to travel so bad and I am finally leaving to go to Europe and Uk from New Zealand on Friday - with my Mummy :) Start saving girl!xx

  3. Love the shades, hope you finally get to travel and explore, I think you'd really love Europe :)



  4. I grew up without traveling as well, for more less the same reasons... now I have the money to travel I really appreciate it so much. I love to surprise my mommy with a trip to England or Germany... she really deserves it as well!! Hope soon you and your mommy can have an amazing trip together!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Pretty! I love staples that really save the day :) x You are exceptionally good at mixing it all up.

    Rose Eva

  6. I always considered myself of the fortunate few who got to travel outside of the country when I was 16 to go to France. I think it was important to my mom who never got to do despite wanting to so badly, and I never took it for granted. On the other side of the coin I had a friend that has worked a part time job since she was 14 and saved her pennies to be able to afford that trip, and I think she appreciated it all the more.

  7. I'm about to be 32 years old and I still haven't traveled outside of the U.S., except to Canada when I was a kid. But I have a passport and I'm going to a friend's wedding in Tobago in January - hell yeah!

    And I love that shirt everytime you wear it.

  8. I love traveling, too. Anytime we get to its a real treat. Even though we didn't have a lot of money growing up either, somehow we tried to take roadtrips whenever we could. Definitely something to treasure! Your tee is super cute.


  9. Random story: I almost applied for a job at Auntie Anne's once. The day I went to the mall picking up applications this dude came up to me after I'd hit a few places and started talking to me and said he "noticed" that I'd been to Forever 21, Auntie Anne's, California Piazza Kitchen etc etc etc. So I asked him how he new that and he admitted to following me around the mall all day. This is either cute or creepy depending on your point of view. I went with creepy and never tried to get a job at the mall ever again! ha

  10. Ha, I love this post! And that outfit. Keep up the live journaling. :)

  11. Long live LiveJournal :) happy future travels Keiko! So thoughtful of you, I hope you can take your mom!


  12. Okay I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't take vacations abroad growing up. There are so many wealthy bloggers that experience different things that I haven't but im happy as can be with my life and im glad im not alone, Thanks for your honest post!

  13. Keiko, I always enjoy reading your posts! You write beautifully (even at 5am)! Thanks for always being open and honest on the blog, it's what so many of us love about you (and of course, your killer fashion sense)!

  14. LJ entry or not I love this post. I also grew up "poor" and wasn't able to travel until I was about 18, and even so in Europe travelling abroad is way easier and cheaper. If I had been in the US I would probably be in the same situation as you.

  15. I appreciate blog entries like these, it's nice to be able to peak inside the lives and minds of the writer. What were you doing up at 5am? As a child I was able to travel because my mom (also no dad around) had a good state job with good pay, lucky girl I was. Now I'm older and haven't traveled outside of U.S. in years. I hope I get to soon.

  16. oh gosh..i love your late night/early hour epic posts! haha now imagine you had to grow up dealing with your dad every day..that was fun. my mom finally took me and little brother on our first vacation(at 17!) to clearwater, Fl. it's safe to say near the water is my favorite place to be, jealous of all of your florida trips! still haven't traveled outside of the country..got a lot of catching up to do around here!
    also,you need these floral jeans-http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=whatsnew_app_bottoms&ProductID=2019572911&VariantID=

  17. I just went on vacation out of the country for the first time this past April and I was 26 (almost 27). I know what it's like for people to judge because they have had the opportunity to travel all over, well good for them. I really enjoyed my trip because I saved my money for about a year and it made me appreciate every single moment. Even the part when we missed our flight in Puerto Rico and had to (who am I kidding, it was one of the highlights of the trip!) stay over night. Your work ethic is inspiring and I hope when you do go on your trip it is super rewarding!


  18. I get bummed on the amount I travel- Not enough! But I really do cherish that one-two times a year I head out of Arizona and see what else is out there.

    Went to San Fran last September and fell in love so much that it's our trip coming up in October of this year as well! It is probably my most favorite city visited thus far.


  19. I LOVE the cat-eyed sunnies!! You ALWAYS look so polished, I love your outfit posts!!


  20. I just came back from a month with my over the road truck driver fiance...it was amazing! Since I was 12 I told everyone I would visit England one day, and I did (it took almost every pay check for a year though) at 24. My grandmom was so proud of me for it. I was just lucky to become friends with a guy there who's family was so impressed with my goal of seeing their country that they invited me to stay at their home for 2 weeks! Travelling is a selfish want worth doing.

  21. haha. You are so darn adorable and look perfect in that tee.

  22. Love the shirt, so cool! xoxo



  23. Can totally relate. I think we have pieces we lean more toward as opposed to others even while surrounded by an overabundance of clothes lol. You're amazing and love the photo!


  24. If you clean out your closet... I cannot promise that I won't buy everything haha

    xo Jennifer


  25. Get out there and travel! I grew up in a poor home, with split parents and a young brother. But last year I took myself to Ireland and had a blast and a half. You go Keiko.

  26. I'm seriously jealous of that shirt... amazing!

    Meghan, The Flight of Fancy

  27. i love ur old shirt with ,san francisco word,i think old shirt comfortable for use


  28. This is the best post you've ever written. Serious. I like you not so polished.

  29. Do more posts like this! I seriously love how relaxed it is, just like you're chatting away with us.

    Also, how do you always look so perfect?! I am jealous. Seriously. :)

    Ammy x

  30. your writing kills me. you're one of the only blogs i read who feels like they're having a conversation.

    anyway, i grew up in a middle class home, but my parents are just realllly content with staying solely in boca raton and spending $$ on other things like cars and dogs and such. i didn't travel during childhood either. i took a trip abroad to spain and italy when i was 21 and it literally opened my eyes to an entire world i had never seen. it changed everything. you gotta travel :)

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  31. Haha very much enjoyed this post. Wish you could write more entries on love and relationships as well!

  32. I know how you feel about traveling. My dad was a single parent for a while and he worked hard to take me places. My first trip abroad was on my own dime and it was amazing! My dad hasn't been to England (where I now live) since he was in the Navy. He's coming out next Spring so I can take him everywhere he use to go when he lived here. That will be a fulfilling moment.

    Let me know when you have your next charity drive. I sent Kim money via paypal for the one last Christmas. I would love to contribute again!

    Sunny Blonde Studio

  33. Nice outfit. You look great.

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  34. One of my favorite posts! I've never left the US either, and have tried for many years to remedy that! Real life, as you say, has always gotten in the way. Here's to making dreams come true! xo

  35. Traveling is one of my passions in life, and I'm fortunate enough to have visited quite a few places. There's just so much beauty and culture to experience - and I can't wait for you to be able to make it happen.

  36. You better wear that shirt in San Fran! Awesome post!

  37. For some reason I thought you had a post about travelling to France but that must have been my imagination! I am sure you'll be able to travel soon Keiko. Best wishes.

    Amateur Cartoons - http://kartunistawannnabe.blogspot.com

  38. You know what, I like you blogging at 5 am. I really enjoyed this post and some insights into what you're aiming for.

    It also made me (shamefully) realise I'm rather spoilt in my travelling. I grew up with Italian parents in Canada so we were always going back to Italy to see family. I'm a lucky girl and should be more mindful of it.

    Let me know when you start your travel-fund-clothes-sale and I'll only be too happy to contribute :)

    x Elena Randomly Happy