Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is a rock & roll takeover.

Outfit Details:
jacket - c/o Joie (old)
shirt - vintage
shorts - Free People
tights - Falke
clutch - c/o Romy Gold 
cuff - c/o Sorrelli
sunglasses - Beacon's Closet
lipstick - MAC Russian Red
Highstakes booties - c/o Nine West  
Living each day one night at a time.

  My real life gang of girls (Christine, Helena, and Kim) and I teamed up with Nine West to bring you Style & The Gang, in celebration of their Fall campaign, Nine & The Gang. We should probably get matching leather jackets with our initials on them to make this legit, but sitting on a stoop and looking tough is a pretty good start. Our theme was rocker, which was right up my alley, contrary to what the bevy of girly dresses I wear might imply. I like to switch it up and go all out feminine one day, a little edgier the next - but no matter what I'm wearing, my music taste usually leans in a specific direction. I made this playlist to fit the theme of our shoot; it features a lot of oldies but goodies that you should probably definitely listen to. Go and listen, and relive some of my favorite music years with me!

Now that you've seen my gang, it's time for yours. Share your gang photos on Instagram or Twitter tagging @NineWest with the hashtag #NineAndTheGang and you can win free shoes for your entire gang (but you have to get the matching jackets on your own). Official rules can be found online here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

debut for an oldie

Outfit Details:
dress - Madewell
belt - thrifted
Nikki messenger bag - Ben Minkoff, borrowed from Bobby
Ampersand heels - Seychelles 
jewelry - Vanessa Mooney and Karen London
flower brooch - vintage, gift from my mom

I seem to wear this Madewell dress almost weekly, so it's a little surprising that this is the first time it's made it to the blog. I have a pretty extensive closet that teeters on the edge of insanity, but I seem to wear a lot of the same stuff, over and over. I can't decide if it's a matter of convenience or attachment. As long as I can remember, I've always had something that my mom referred to as my "old faithful." In high school, it was a hideous pair of sandals, then a pair of flats, then a denim motorcycle jacket. It dates back to childhood, really, though my old faithfuls weren't clothes, back then. She had to trick me into giving up my blanket (which I called my "bee-kon"), but even to this day, would never dream of doing that with Snowball, my panda whom I've had since I was a toddler. Some old faithfuls always make the cut.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Wear: Road Trip

Outfit Details:
moto jacket - c/o 7 For All Mankind
San Francisco tee - vintage, thrifted
hat - Gap
sunglasses - Ray-Ban
shorts - DIY cutoff
belt - thrifted
tights - Falke
Coach Legacy Penny bag - c/o Coach 
rings - vintage and Beacon's Closet
lipstick - Russian Red

Who would've thought that the best wardrobe investment I ever made was an old shirt from a Goodwill bin?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Week, on Instagram

My week, on instagram (follow me @keikolynn).

Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Miku and me, on my birthday.
2) Bobby.
3) Hanging out on the fire escape in my 7 For All Mankind jeans. 
4) A day trip to Sleepy Hollow.
5) I stopped by Modern Vice to check out their shoe making process. This is where generations of skaters have been fitted for their custom skates.
6) They also make orthotics for veterans. 
7) Dinner with George, Gina and Lucy at ABC Kitchen. We spotted Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Jake Gyllenhaal! 
8) Sitting around in Red Hook.
9) Shooting for Nine West with a few of my girls: Helena, Christine, and Kim
10) Some of my friends stopped by the 7 After 7 NYC event. Kim, Justin, Christine, and Bonnie. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

take it easy

Outfit Details:
jacket - Coach
guns n roses shirt - vintage
Liquid Metallic jeans - c/o 7 For All Mankind
shoes - Sam Edelman
bag - Rebecca Minkoff 
  Ray-Ban Wayfarers
MAC Russian Red
My weekend uniform usually consists of a pair of jeans, an old t-shirt, and a leather jacket. I like that these jeans fit the bill but look a little dressier with that metallic green sheen.

P.S. I'm hosting an event at 7 For All Mankind this Saturday from 1-4 in NYC! Click here to see the invitation and don't forget to RSVP.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Postlapsaria

Three of my new Postlapsaria pieces are now available at Emerging Thoughts! I only produced twenty of each piece, and won't be making any more of these three once they're sold - so get them before they're gone forever! Click the pictures to be taken to the individual product pages, or see all three here.

p.s. As these sell, I'll make new designs in the same limited quantity. I have three more pieces ready to go, but I need to recoup some of the costs before I make them. Please spread the word; I want to get Postlapsaria back in full swing!

p.p.s. Thank you to my beautiful model, Kyla!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7 After 7 NYC

(click invitation for full size)

Outfit Details:
leopard blouse and ring - Forever 21
bracelet - c/o Karla Deras for Roman Luxe
belt - vintage
heels - Rebecca Minkoff
High shine skinny jeans - c/o 7 For All Mankind

I'm hosting a private shopping event at the 5th avenue 7 For All Mankind store in NYC, this Saturday from 1-4 pm! There will be cocktails, a DJ, and a gift with purchase.

To RSVP, email or tweet YES #7After7NYC to @7FAM. Can't wait to see you there!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

birthday girl

Outfit Details:
trench - Old Navy (last year)
shirt - Anthropologie
cutoffs - Free People
tights - Madewell
Ampersand heels - c/o Seychelles
bracelet - Betsey Johnson
necklace - c/o Sorrelli
Legacy Leather Duffle - c/o Coach
lipstick - MAC Russian Red

I don't like wearing heels at the dog park, but sometimes I'm dumb and forget to bring a pair of flats. All of the dogs were probably judging me, but Miku is used to me strange wardrobe choices. It was my birthday on Saturday, and being that I am recovering from being sick and don't really celebrate my birthday all that much, I kept it low-key. Birthdays stress me out and I tend to get panicky and weird, so I've learned that it's best to treat it like any other day...because that's just what it is. I spent the day at the dog park with Miku and Bobby, we had lobster rolls for lunch, and then had a couple of friends over for a very late dinner, which Bobby cooked. Naturally, I had my Funfetti cake because that is the best, and really all that I require from a birthday. Hold the gifts and give me that cake.

Speaking of gifts, this Coach bag wasn't technically a birthday present, but it came at such a perfect time that it felt that way. In reality, it was a lovely gift in honor of their Legacy Collection...but I'll just pretend that they knew it was my birthday and wanted it to be a special one. It's more fun that way! Cake, a new bag, a pretty package from my mom, dinner with friends, and Miku's smiling face? What a great birthday.

7 After 7

Outfit Details:
hat - Goorin Bros
tank - American Apparel
leather jacket - Madewell
The Skinny in High Gloss Snake - c/o 7 For All Mankind
jewelry - c/o Vanessa Mooney
platforms - Dolce Vita
Georgina Clutch - c/o Foley + Corinna

I teamed up with 7 For All Mankind for their 7 After 7 campaign, to demonstrate how I style my jeans at night. I gravitated toward this pair of snake-print skinnies because I was obsessed with a similar pair when I was in high school. And by similar, I mean they were snakeskin print - but they were grey, a little too short, and a little too flared. The best part was that Kim's boyfriend at the time, who was in my gym class and had an epic mohawk, had the same pair. These may be reminiscent of the ones I loved so much when I was young, but they're are a lot sleeker, and the dark color makes the print very subtle at night. It's like a sneaky little surprise when the light hits.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

sleep it off

Outfit Details:
dress - Wasteland in LA
Mid City tote - c/o Foley + Corinna

I'm not feeling any better; in fact, I've been feeling a lot worse. I've given myself a couple of days to sleep it off. I'm hoping to be a little better before my birthday on Saturday, because even though I'm not actually doing anything special to celebrate, being well would be a nice birthday present.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Betsey.

I have a ton of photos to go through (and post) from Betsey Johnson's show/birthday bash, but here are a few in the meantime. It was by far the most fun I've ever had at a fashion show - Cyndi Lauper! Dancing models! Betsey doing the splits! It doesn't get any better. 

Happy 70th birthday, Betsey!

Hello, Sailor

Outfit Details:
hat - H+M
shirt (underneath) - Forever 21
Hello, Sailor sweater - c/o ModCloth
bow belt - c/o Ruche
shorts - Lauren Moffatt
Report Signature platforms - LF
bracelets - Forever 21 and Tory Burch
Ben Minkoff bag - borrowed from Bobby
glasses - Ray-Ban

Day one of fashion week - well, unofficial day one - I decided to dress like I belonged on a gondola. Or maybe a vintage bicycle. I had neither, so I stood on the sidewalk.

p.s. photos by Kim