Sunday, November 4, 2012

Give back.

Outfit Details:
belted leather bomber - Madewell
Punctuation Rock blouse - c/o ModCloth (from their collaboration with A Beautiful Mess)
houndstooth hat - Topshop
skinny boyfriend jeans - c/o 7 For All Mankind
boots - Seychelles, old
sunglasses - Ray-Ban
bag - c/o Brahmin
lipstick - MAC Unlimited

Posts have been a little more sporadic than usual because I haven't been taking a whole lot of pictures since the storm hit (these are from last weekend). Posting will go back to normal once I leave for my Nashville trip, but while I'm here and able to help, I'm focusing on that. My kind boyfriend Bobby waited five hours to fill our gas tank, and since we now have a full tank (!!!), we also filled our trunk with supplies and food to take to the Rockaways. If you have a way of making it to one of the harder hit areas, please consider donating your time to helping the relief effort. It's a difficult time for a lot of people financially, but spreading awareness and lending a helping hand can go just as far as a monetary contribution (and often further). There are so many ways to volunteer - check out a list of some of your options here. Gather your friends and give back.


  1. I love how your blog looks like!!!
    and great outfit too!
    kisses from MILANO

  2. Relaxed and cool outfit. You have a great style :)

  3. I sincerely hope everything will be back to normal soon! It's amazing of you to help as much as you can.


  4. you guys are good, good people.

  5. cute poka dot sweater!

  6. I love your shirt and jeans! You look so pretty

  7. Love the outfit, the blouse is pretty cute! ♥
    Happy Monday :) -

  8. Love this blouse, sorry about our troubles after the storm.

  9. Love this look, those booties are great! You have great style!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  10. I love the outfit.
    Glad to see that you're focusing on helping others. =) I completely understand and I'm sure other readers do as well that you have other priorities right now.
    Keep up the great work.

  11. It is so wonderful of you to help! I currently live in Maine and the bookstore I work at is working with the Salvation Army to raise money to send. It is not much but every little bit helps! And as always your outfit is adorable. :)

  12. You're the sweetest!!


  13. Best wishes with your upcoming trip. I hope things get back to normal soon, I have family there and it was very scary for us in London watching the storm, keep well and safe!

  14. Cool casual look. Hope things will turn out right again. Stay save. I love your blog <3


  15. Loving everything about this look!!
    -Adrienne. xo

  16. My heart goes out to all affected by the storm...unfortunately, it's time's like these that show how resilient the people from New York are. Hearing that you and Bobby are doing so much to help is so inspiring. Give Bobby a hug from me for that 5 hour wait...what a great guy he is! And all readers understand that the blog will be a little more quiet than usual so don't stress about posting. Big, big hugs!

  17. That's so great of you to help out like that! I hope things start getting back to normal on the east coast soon.

    xo, alison*elle

  18. What a wonderful sentiment - I hope everyone continues to help each other through this difficult time. It sounds like there have been some amazing stories of generosity so far and it's wonderful that you've been a part of that!

    I, of course, love the outfit - especially that polka dot shirt. To die for!!


  19. Love this. It's so easy to take everything for granted, and even when we may not have much to give, it will ultimately help others more than it would help us.

    Such a great outfit, and lip color too!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  20. Very Cute :)

    I hope that things get better down your way again.

    The Risk It Took To Bloom

  21. Have a safe trip!
    Glad you stayed safe!

    xo Jennifer

  22. SO thrilled you're going to Nashville! My husband and I are middle Tennesseean's and can't wait to move back home! If you're in there area and wanna dine at some great local restaurants, check out the following:

    Mafiaoza's (the BEST Italian):
    Marche Artisan Foods (French-inspired):
    Pancake Pantry (brekkie):
    Ru San's (sushi):
    Noshville (delicatessen):

    Also, check out...
    The Belcourt for independent films:
    Pangaea for fun knick-knacks:
    And Green Hills Mall for shopping:

    Hope you have a fabulous trip! Stop in and give my favorite local haunts some love!

    1. Oh oh! Two more! They're located in the same strip:
      Silly Goose Nashville for local, organic fare:
      Annnnnd Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream to sate your sweet tooth with gourmet ice cream!:

      Both of which I spotlighted in my blog earlier this year:

  23. That's a really good idea! One has to help those who are suffering. I hope things will return to normal soon.

  24. It's so important to give back to a community even if you're not directly a part of it. I live in California and don't have the funds to travel t New York to help. but I've donated to the red cross and have even encouraged friends and family to do the same. Every little bit helps. its awesome that you're doing so much to help your community and that you're spreading awareness through your blog for others to help.

  25. I love everything about this look from the polka-dots to the baggy boyfriend jeans and your hair!

    The Weekend Diary

  26. Thank you so much for making the drive out to Rockaway to help. It's my hometown and my heart is broken from the devastation it went through. I'm so glad everyone is pitching in to help bring NYC back on its feet!


  27. Your outfit is awesome. And so is your help. :)

    xo Ashley

  28. The shirt looks super comfy!

  29. Great layering & I love those boots!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  30. love your shoes
    love your blog sooo much!

  31. love your outfit!

  32. Love that jacket.

    New York, Jersey, Connecticut, etc are all in my heart.

  33. Glad you and the boyfriend are safe. Cute top!

  34. I'm praying for the mid-Atlantic. I'm glad you and everyone I know up there is safe, and I hope things return to normal soon.

    SN: Absolutely love that shirt!