Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My week, on instagram

My week, on instagram. Follow me at @keikolynn

I have some downtime in the hotel room, so I figured I would at least put together some instagrams from the past couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience and kind words, everyone. Bobby and I will be in Florida at least for the rest of this week, so things should get back to a normal schedule on here next week.

Top to bottom, left to right:
1) Just hanging out in my cat sweater, with my matching cat. (I got the sweater at LF but these two are both similar and similar)
  2) Kitty Boos has legs for days.
3) Vester requires a tidy bed, please and thank you.
4) Miku, in her Sunday best.
5) Always have, always will.
6) Celebrating Miss Ilona Royce-Smithkin's 93rd birthday with Shana, Kim, and Corey.
7) Speaking of Corey, her new line is so great!
8) Same patterns, different Corey pieces with Kim and Alicia.
9) My handsome boyfriend.
10) Kittens! \m/
11) What I wore to host the French Connection event with Elizabeth Monson.
12) From last week's Makeup Monday.
13) Nail art by Valley NYC (designed by Elizabeth Monson, inspired by the collection) at the French Connection event.
14) The cutest roommates in town, Christina and Bonnie.
15) I had lunch in the West Village with friends, on the most beautiful day. Wore my Juicy Couture trench - the lightest layers of the year, yet!
16) The prettiest brunch with Joie. Confession: I stole someone else's key from their place setting when it was over (and that someone else was Lindsey). Hey, I really liked the key and didn't want it to go to waste!
17) The coolest shoes from Modern Vice.
18) Chickens, hanging out at Bobby's house in Florida. They just showed up and decided to stay, I guess. Animals gravitate toward both of our families.
19) Heart shaped glasses. Wanderlust + Co bracelet, Sorrelli ring, Forever 21 sunglasses, China Glaze Aquadelic polish. 


  1. Great photos!

  2. You have the loveliest pets! MIKU! <3 And I want all your sweaters! x

  3. Love the last one, so cute :D

  4. So your week was mainly focused on cats and big comfy printed jumpers - love it!

  5. I really love your jumper collection!

  6. Nice photos! Love your cat sweater! =)


    ♥ My Blog ♥

  7. Such fun, lovely photos! Liking the first one especially- Vester looks so nice with your kitty sweater! xo


  8. The photos look amazing x

  9. Looks like a fun week!!
    -Adrienne. xo

  10. hahah i love the sweater and matching cat. that's great :)

    <3 Salem Style
    Crocheted With Love in Salem Massachusetts

  11. Yay for kitties!

  12. Oh my god, that Juicy Couture trench!! Obsessed!

  13. Looks like a good week!

    xo Jennifer

  14. Love your support tee. That's the best thing in all of these pictures <3

    xo Ashley

  15. These are all beautiful photos <3 love them!

    Lots of kisses, Elly
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  17. Have a lovely time in Florida my dear!

  18. Love the photos and have fun in Florida <3



  19. Haha, love the first picture so much! Matchy matchy !!

  20. Your dog is too cute!!

  21. All oh so cute! Looks like you had an amazing week :)!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  22. Looks like a fun time!

    Finally got to check out a few Beacon's Closet locations over the last few days; I had really been looking forward to it after seeing some of your finds, and they were great. (we're releasing our first collection of vintage clothes next week)