Friday, May 31, 2013

daisy chain

Outfit Details:
Robert Rodriguez blazer - c/o Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez tecno flounce skirt - c/o Robert Rodriguez
Daisy cropped tee - Urban Outfitters
Denim in Bloom clutch (handmade in the USA) - c/o Hearts
bracelets - Sorrelli, Forever 21, Betsey Johnson (all old)
The 90s girl in me can't get enough of daisies. Some things just never change.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kiss Kiss!

Outfit Details:
Joie "Devine" crochet lace top - c/o Joie
Floral trench - Anthropologie
Felix Rey umbrella - Shopbop
NY and Company belt
7 For All Mankind boyfriend jeans (on sale) 
Bernice Gold heels - c/o B.A.I.T.
First Class Go1 satchel - c/o Rovimoss
Lookmatic Payton frames
MAC Russian Red lipstick
You may recognize this outfit from a previous post, but I somehow forgot to post the rest of the pictures! I bought this kissy face umbrella after years of wasting money on emergency drug-store umbrellas that would inevitably turn inside out or break almost immediately. There's something about having a cute umbrella that makes a rainy day not so bad. The brightly colored floral trench doesn't hurt my mood, either!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sailor Girl

Outfit Details:
WhitePepper Sailor Dress - asos
boater hat - H+M (old)
Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms
bag c/o Coach
Illesteva + Zac Posen sunglasses
horseshoe ring (Beacon's Closet)
Jewelmint bow bracelet
vintage bow tie
MAC Russian Red

I like a good shapeless sack of a babydoll dress, but throw in a sailor collar and I'll upgrade to love.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Market Wanderer

Outfit Details:
vintage hat
Free People dress
Souchi cardigan (use code keiko15 for 15% off anything)
Vanessa Mooney bodychain (c/o)
vintage bag (gift from Tessa)
Carol Marie bangles (c/o)
Cynthia Vincent heels (old)
Beacon's Closet ring and I can't remember where the other one is from.
I wore this outfit to the Brimfield Antique Fair, but obviously wore flats. I saved the heels for our post antique market dinner date. It was strangely cold that day - so cold, in fact, that I was even too cold in this outfit! Strange to think that now it is hot, hot, hot. I'm afraid that since we took these photos so late and the light started turning grey, they didn't do this dress any justice. I don't think I've ever received as many compliments as I have for this dress; it was quite the pick-me-up. People of all ages were stopping me to say they liked it, or ask where it came from. Free People, you made a good one! Maybe I should wear this more often.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Window Shopping: The Cat's Meow

1) Tom Ford Nastasya - $380

2) ModCloth Cat Eye Cutie - $11.99 (also available in black)

3) Prada Cat's Eye - $290

4) Juicy Couture Textured Cat Eye - $145

5) Prada Runway Cat Eye - $365

6) Elizabeth and James Fairfax - $185

7) Illesteva x Zac Posen tortoiseshell cat eye - $295

8) BonLook La Marquise in Kitten Pink - $99 (available in Rx)

9) Karen Walker Atomic - $280

10) Tumbleweeds Handcraft Tulip and Ebony - $92.50

11) Nasty Gal Hell Cat Shades - $20

12) ASOS Embellished Gem Cat Eye - $30.55

Surprise, surprise: I love cat-eye sunglasses. I know, you're shocked. I only have a million different pairs (only a slight embellishment), varying from bargain bin frames, vintage treasures, and ones that put more of a dent in my wallet. With the days getting longer and the sun stronger, I've had sunglasses on my mind - and in my bookmarks. I compiled a list of some of my current favorites, and believe it or not, I practiced restraint. I probably could have listed twice as many! Do you have a favorite pair? What sunglasses are on your wish list?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Isn't she pretty in pink?

Outfit Details: 
vintage dress - c/o ASOS from their vintage prom selections
vintage cardigan
thrifted belt
sunglasses - c/o Coach
vintage headband (gift from my mom)
wrap bracelet - c/o Wanderlust + Co
rhinestone bracelet - c/o Sorrelli
Betsey Johnson heels
Rebecca Minkoff MAC
vintage petticoat
It's been eleven years since I attended my own prom, and just typing that has reminded me how quickly the time flies by. It's also a testament of long I've been blogging, since I documented the entire affair in my Open Diary. Of course, we didn't call it "blogging" then, nor did we refer to it as such when I transitioned to LiveJournal. But whatever we may have called it, I was so grateful to have an outlet to discuss my day to day, divulge my secret crushes, and lament the throes of being a teenaged basket case. And what a basket case I was. 
I remember my prom very well, from choosing the dress (I didn't wear dresses back then and made hell for my poor mom), hoping for a date, and then giving up on that idea and going with my gay best friend. Prom was not an especially magical night for me - it ended in tears. I'm afraid that despite my outwardly cynical outlook on the whole affair, I had higher hopes for it than it possibly could have delivered. I watched a whole lot of Pretty in Pink and assumed that since the rest of my story was so similar to Andie's, the end result would also be the same. I imagined my crush coming in and sweeping me off my feet, then dancing the night away to eighties love ballads. It didn't work like that. He didn't even go to my school, and I'm not one for dancing (being clumsily pigeon-toed and all), so I'm not sure how that would have worked. But teenaged minds can be very curious. It seemed so logical in the movies!
If I had to do it all over again, of course I'd still go. But I would merely treat it as an excuse to dress up and have a good time with friends. I might also gather up the courage to talk to my crush - after all, what would I have to lose? - and swap my floor length gown for something I'd feel a little more comfortable in, like a shorter, vintage dress. Even now, I don't feel like myself in anything too formal - though I'd give up my whole wardrobe for a few dresses from Downton Abbey. Now that I'm thinking of Downton, I can barely remember what I was supposed to be writing about. I tend to get caught up in fictional worlds...can you tell? 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Faux Updo Tutorial For Short Hair

I've been getting a lot of inquiries about how I style my hair, now that it's short. I'll be doing more tutorials on how I wear my hair down, but I also wanted to show how I fake an updo. You all know how much I wore my hair up, when it was longer. Now that I've chopped it all off, I occasionally like to pretend I still have enough hair to pile it on top of my head. The best part is that I haven't had to give up my beloved headscarves. In fact, they help hide the mess of pins I put in place! If you want to try this without a scarf, it also helps to have a pretty barrette or flower to keep it looking tidy. Keep reading after the jump for a full step by step tutorial. And if you need further instruction on tying a the scarf, check out my head scarf tutorial.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My week, on instagram.

My week, on instagram. Follow me at @keikolynn.

Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Bobby and me.
2) A lovely package from You Smell. (It says "Divine. Thanks to us!" on the back)
3) Peonies!
4) Vintage hat, Free People dress, Souchi cardigan, Vanessa Mooney bodychain, vintage bag, Carol Marie bangles.
5) Wanderlust + Co bracelet,  BaubleBar bracelet, Coach watch.
6) My favorite show (Arrested Development) is coming to Netflix for another season, and they set up a banana stand in NYC to promote its return. Naturally, I made the trip to see it!
7) I have no life, as you can see. Miku's wearing some fake glasses from Forever 21, and a vintage flower comb. We are best friends.
8) My beautiful mom and my sisters (before Tessa came along, of course!) I'm the one with all of the bracelets. I loved to pose with my hand to my face. Still do.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Birdie Forever (and ever)

I've worn this Rachel Antonoff "Birdie Forever" sweatshirt so often, I went ahead and bought this season's rendition - I'm With Her. Can't wait to wear it!

p.s. Here are a couple of ways I've worn it: here and here. See makeup details here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

lilac roses

Outfit Details:
Flower Crown by Kimberly Grace - available exclusively on Emerging Thoughts
Like A Virgin Dress by Family Affairs - c/o Emerging Thoughts
Mona pumps (old) - J.Crew
Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag (mine is old but there are plenty of new Spring/Summer colors)
Ever since I cut my hair (well, since Tim cut my hair!), I've been experimenting with different ways to wear it. I've read your emails/tweets/comments asking for hair tutorials, and I just wanted to let you know that I am working on a few, which I'll be posting in the coming weeks. I had to make sure I was comfortable with styling my own hair before I could give tips to anyone else. It always takes a little while to figure it out, doesn't it?  These easy waves are a go-to for me - it take no time to style, and I don't have to worry about keeping every piece in place. Embrace messy hair, right?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That Fellow

Dolce Vita "Alma" top, Elizabeth and James "Lafayette" sunglasses, MAC "Forever Rose" Pro Longwear Lipglass.
I'm not the most romantic gal in the world; I never quite grew out of the "Ewww...icky love stuff!" stage, which is usually reserved for childhood. What I've come to realize is that it's not the actual romance that makes me uncomfortable - just the showiness of it. I would like to think it's pretty clear that I'm rather fond of Bobby, considering we've been together for so many years, even if I'm not constantly shouting it from the rooftops. I try not to saturate the internet with millions of lovey dovey couples photos (although those might pop up from time to time, obviously), but I absolutely adore and appreciate him. He, however, is probably better at expressing it - and I love him for that. When Helena and I arrived back at The Mondrian in LA, these flowers were waiting for me, just because. Gerbera daisies are such happy flowers and he knows they are a favorite of mine, but what made this bouquet absolutely perfect was the attached card and matching balloon that said, "Happy Anniversary!" Why? Because it wasn't our anniversary, and the florist made a mistake. But it made me giggle [and giggle itself is a really funny word, if you think about it], and that made it even better. I think it all sums our relationship up quite well: colorful, charmingly imperfect, and full of laughs. He's a nice boy, that fellow. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Makeup Monday: Colorful Tips Tutorial

(click for larger images)

Products used: Orly Bonder base coat, OPI "Pink Flamenco", Nailene Perfect Tips polish guides, China Glaze "Flip Flop Fantasy", Revlon quick dry top coat.

In retrospect, I should have used different colors to demonstrate this manicure- the bright tips photographed too close to my skin color. I'm sorry about that! The beauty of this is that you can use any colors you want, and you need absolutely no nail art skills. I'm proof of that, because I can barely paint my nails, let alone do anything fancy with them. I'm all about a way to cheat, whether it's these nail guide strips, paper reinforcements (see my half moon manicure here), or simple scotch tape. The trick to using these strips is to be patient and let the first color dry completely, and to remove the strip as soon as you paint the tips (or else you risk pulling up the polish). Have you ever tried this technique, before? Or do you prefer the free-hand route?