Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I wish my cat could talk.

Outfit Details:
Tom Ford Nikitas - c/o Shades Daddy
American Apparel tie-up blouse
H+M kitty print skirt and heart purse
Ruche socks (old)
Seychelles Ampersand heels (burgundy on sale for $48!)
MAC Russian Red lipstick
It's a well known fact that given the opportunity, I would buy any and all of the cat clothing available. This skirt was no exception. What can I say? I'm a crazy cat lady. As I type this, Kitty Boos is resting his head on my keyboard and Vester is lounging between Bobby and me (Lacy is probably sleeping on the refrigerator). Of course, no one can compete with Miku; she's the love of my life. If anyone wants to start printing Miku's beautiful little face on clothes, I will buy them all. Until then, I guess I have to settle for my one Miku shirt, and a lot of cat prints.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rowley Eyewear

Outfit One:
H+M hat
vintage floral blazer (thrifted)
Free People shorts
Coach Haley satchel
Tulle blouse
necklace c/o New York and Company 
ECCO Omak Sandals
No. 78 sunglasses in blush - c/o Rowley Eyewear
Outfit Two:
Hat Attack hat
Rabeanco "Fabianna" satchel - c/o Rabeanco
d.RA "Keiko" dress (on sale for $57)
Madewell lace shorts underneath
Via Spiga platforms
No. 62 glasses -c/o Rowley Eyewear

I teamed up with Rowley Eyewear by Cynthia Rowley to show you a couple of my favorite frames from their collection. Rowley offers fashion-forward, affordable frames, available in both optical and sunglasses. To sweeten the deal, they're offering my readers 20% off with the code keikolynn20, which would bring these down to $79 and $103 (and that one is including your prescription).  I'm surprised as anyone else that I didn't go with one of their many cat-eye options; I guess I was trying to go against my norm. My personal favorite is this pair of milky white cat-eyes - they're dreamy! Which ones are your favorite?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mermaid Hair Tutorial

Before Tessa had her hair cut off at Arrojo, I made sure to take advantage of her long locks and do a couple of hair tutorials for you all. You can see our Milkmaid Braids Tutorial, here. For this one, I recreated my old go-to look, the mermaid waves. Whenever I used to wear my hair down, I almost always added some waves - it takes very little time and is so easy to recreate. Keep reading after the cut for the step by step tutorial! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

summer tunes

Have I ever mentioned that I have the best friends? My friend Landon gave me these headphones from UrbanEars, and I love them - the color, sound, everything. I take the train/walk everywhere and always have my headphones on, so it's fun to have a colorful pair to mix things up. Thanks, Landon!
And speaking of tunes, I made you a little summer playlist: some old, some new, but all make me feel like laying around on the beach in my retro bathing suit. With lots of sunscreen and an umbrella, of course.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Coney Island Summer

Outfit Details:
Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses - c/o Shades Daddy
BDG floral t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Scalloped stripes ponte skirt - Anthropologie
vintage clip on bow tie
Madewell sidewalk skimmers
crossbody bag - c/o Aeropostale
lipstick - MAC Party Parrot

I thought I would make up for the lack of regular posts with a plethora of photographs. Coney Island screams "Summer!" to me. I love this quirky place and its colorful backdrop. It has become a tradition to take the girls here, every time they visit. We're particularly fond of the Wonder Wheel - Bobby and the girls prefer the swinging cars, but I'm a wimp and will sit in the stationary, thankyouverymuch. The swinging cars are kind of nerve-wracking! Also, the Cyclone might not look like anything in comparison to say, Kingda Ka, but that mother will give you major whiplash. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

New do

I finally went in to Arrojo for a fresh cut and color (by Tim and Flores - they're the best), and brought Tessa and Ally in, too. If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen this picture and their updated dos, but I took some fancy befores and afters of the girls that I'll post this week. I didn't do that for mine; I just took a little selfie and posted it to instagram. So here it is, on the blog. I know I've been slacking with my posts, this past week - but in my defense, my little sister has been in town and that makes me forget about everything else because she's all that matters. I'll get this blog's schedule back to normal after she leaves, which is unfortunately way too soon. Their trip flew by! Tessa and Ally are only here one more day, and I already know I'm going to cry like a little baby when they go. Why can't Tessa just come and live with me? :( :( :(

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I know what I like.

Outfit Details:
Corey Lynn Calter "Lou" star boyfriend blazer (on sale!)
thrifted silk shirt
Queen's Wardrobe "Lovely Wave" shorts
Seychelles "Late Night" gold glitter platforms
Elizabeth and James "Lafayette" sunglasses
Rebecca Minkoff bag (old, sample sale)
MAC Unlimited pro longwear lip creme

I have duplicates of only a few items in my closet (these Seychelles Ampersand heels come to mind); I've learned that if I really love something and wear it to death, I might need a backup. I'm pretty clumsy and have spilled something on just about everything I've ever come into contact with, and have been known to scuff the heck out of the toes of my shoes. It's necessary - the duplicates part, not the ruining of things - and since I'm a discerning shopper, I've never regretted it. After a few years of owning and frequently wearing these shorts, I wore the side zipper down to the point where it needed to be replaced - and though that was easily fixed, I decided to go ahead and purchase another pair, just in case I destroy them beyond repair. It's difficult to find shorts that fit me and have a medium length inseam, and the scalloped hem is the icing on the cake. I think I'm pretty easy to peg, style wise - a baby doll or trapeze silhouette, bows and lace galore, boyfriend jeans and blazers, leather jackets and over the knee socks, scalloped hems. But hey, I know what I like.

p.s. Photos by Helena.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Makeup Monday: Milkmaid Braids Hair Tutorial

I love the ease of having shorter hair, but I sorely miss the ability to wear updos - especially during the Summer, when all I want to do is keep my hair off my neck. Luckily, my little sister Tessa is here for the week, and I can live vicariously through her. I've done a hair tutorial for a slightly more intricate version of this style before (the braided updo), but I wanted to show you the simplified version. I added the fascinator just for fun (also seen here), but you can either leave the updo as is, or add some decorative clips (as demonstrated here). 
 Milkmaid braids look a lot more complicated than they are; they're actually one of the easiest summer hairstyles I can think of, next to a ponytail. I broke it down step by step, so keep reading after the cut for the full tutorial. Grab some bobby pins, a couple of tiny hair ties, and some hair spray. 

Let's get started!

My Week(s) on Instagram

A sampling of my instagrams from the past few weeks. Follow along at @keikolynn.

1) d.RA "Keiko" dress, Rabeanco "Fabianna" satchel.
2) Little Miku in my panda sleeping mask.
3) Darling Le Bunny Bleu peep toes. These run a little large, so go a half size down!
4) Waking up at Public Chicago.
5) Sleep scene - a Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired sleep mask (available here at Fred Flare).
6) Wavy hair and smokey eyes (view my wavy hair tutorial if you want to recreate the look). I used the Too Faced Return of Sexy palette and MAC Mehr lipstick.
7) Straight hair and red lips (MAC Russian Red)
8) Bobby and Vester.
9) Heart socks, hanging out in my bedroom.
10) My favorite Tieks flats, in one of my favorite Brooklyn spots: Farmacy.
11) After a mere year of owning this couch, the fabric is already falling apart. I finally found one that I love, and it's coming in two weeks! So say goodbye to these..because it's the last time! (outfit details here)