Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day to Night with LOFT

Day: Marisa straight leg pants - c/o LOFT, Saint James for Coach top and Coach bag, Bass loafers, Tom Ford Nikitas - c/o Shades Daddy

Night: Marisa straight leg pants - c/o LOFT, Corey Lynn Calter blouse, Kate Spade shoes, Coach bag, Ray-Ban glasses.

I'm generally a dress or jeans kind of girl, so when LOFT asked me to come to their store and try on some of their new pants, I have to admit that I was absolutely dreading it. Sorry, LOFT, but I was! While having lunch with a friend, right before my appointment, I remember thinking that I probably should have waited until afterward to eat...and I was eating and avocado and beet salad. That's not okay! But honestly, trying on pants is akin to shopping for bathing suits. Maybe even worse, because nowadays, I only buy bathing suits online and don't have to worry about awful dressing room lighting. Turns out, many women agree with me. That's why they wanted me and several of my friends to come in and try their new pants, which come in three new silhouettes that they've crafted with the help of feedback from 10,000 women. Knowing this information (and being a total skeptic), I parted ways with my friend and told her that I'd probably be awhile, so don't wait for me. I was back to meet her in less than thirty minutes and I wasn't in tears, so I'd say that it went pretty well.

I wanted a dark (but not black) pair of pants with a straight, relaxed fit that could take me from day to night, and I ended up going with the navy Marisa (their most popular silhouette). What I found interesting is that the Julie (their curvy fit with a higher, nipped in waist) fit me really well, too - so I would recommend trying different fits and just seeing what you like. I went with the former because of the straight cut and lower waistband; it felt more casual. I took them out for a spin, over the weekend, styling them in a couple of variations. For daytime, I rolled the cuffs and paired with an oversized, striped knit top and red loafers for some leisurely bike riding. Two days later, I dressed them up for dinner with bright peep toe heels and a floral silk top. Now, I'm not saying I'm giving up my signature dresses or anything, but it's definitely nice to know that I have options. It is a little easier to ride a bike in pants, after all.

p.s. For every pair of pants sold on 9/7, LOFT will donate a piece of clothing to Fashion Delivers, an organization that helps women in need. So if you're planning on making a purchase, please save it for that date! You can shop online or in store.


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  2. I fell in love with your night look. This top is just to die for. The combination of nude and pattern...amazing. Outfit in general looks very out there and casual at the same time. I would wear something like this during the day in no time. :)

    1. It's true! This is a great example of how a pair of pants can work well in casual and a more dressed up look. I've always thought that's a trick hard to pull off as I tend to think of a specific pair of pants as being one or the other.



  3. You can never go wrong with pair of classic straight pants !

    XX Luba

    Six ways to wear fall´s hottest trend – a plaid shirt, today on

  4. These are really cute on you! I'm not a fan of pants either, but I could totally get behind these.

  5. The night look is too adorable <3


    xx Mira

  6. Super lovely outfits, esp. the 2nd one :)

  7. Looove the night look, so pretty.


  8. Both looks are lovely, you look fabulous in those pants.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  9. very sweet outfit and post! good job!

  10. You look awesome!
    beautiful outfits, love the blouse!


  11. I was so excited when I saw that the loft was making some straight leg non-jeans this fall. I wear their cropped marissa pants to work all summer long and they're my favorites- but sometimes I find that they stretch out in the knee and waist faster than I want.
    How do the pants hold up?

  12. I like this blouse with flowers!

  13. I've been wanting some nice pants, but like you dislike shopping for them. Maybe LOFT is where I need to look. You look fabulous in these pants at any rate.

  14. Love these pants! I dig the simple, yet charming styling... the top in the second look is adorable.

    I, also, despise shopping for pants... I like that Loft tends to cater to a woman, rather than a young girl. At 30 years old, there is some hip action going on... :)

  15. I love LOFT, I get so many cute tops and cardis from there! Those pants are really cute, I may be making a trip out there soon!

  16. You look darling! It's so funny, but I'm always weary of pants too. I have a small waist, but curvy thighs so pants are always hard to shop for. Definitely going to check these out...

  17. Those pants look great on you! I really like the bicycle look. So French!

  18. I really think I need to go try out Loft's new pants.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  19. Lookin vintagey great in those specs and bike!


  20. Hello Keiko, new reader here. Before I realised this post was about the trousers, my first thought was, "Ooh, nice trousers! And they might actually look okay on me..." That style doesn't usually suit me (I'm little with curvy hips) but rolled up might just work. I love the way you've styled them.

    My second thought was "She's so cute!", my third was "Amazing photos" and my fourth was "Mmm... Breton top..." Just in case you're wondering :)

  21. The second look is perfect, love the blouse!

  22. cute collar necklace!! :D
    "Repeat 'isle of view' 5 times.
    Isle of view back :)"

    See you there?

  23. I'm not much of a trouser gal myself, but I love how these look on you! Especially how you've taken them from day to night! The collar on that night outfit is adorable!

  24. I adore each look!

    xo Jennifer

  25. Hey those pants are named after me :) Too bad I hate pants as much as you do. Super cute night look though, those shoes could be tricky and you pull it off effortlessly!

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  28. in Holland we ride a lot on bikes! we love it,
    great blog great style, you're an inspiration for us in Holland
    greetings from holland

  29. You are the dang cutest! Love those red flats

    Emily Beth

  30. You're beautiful, radiant, glowing, brief ... beautiful in these photos.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3