Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday, I don't care about you.

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I don't want to be dramatic or anything, but this is the worst Halloween in the history of all Halloweens and I hate the world and my life is over. Oh yeah, and by "I don't want to be dramatic or anything," clearly I meant the exact opposite.

All kidding aside, I normally go all out for Halloween - always DIY style. However, this year presented several issues: 1) I have been bedridden with the death sickness all week, 2) Bobby is working today/tonight and 3) I wasn't invited to any Halloween festivities, anyway. Getting dressed up and laying around in a Nyquil induced coma would just be way too depressing, and this is coming from someone who spends most of her nights alone, watching Golden Girls marathons and having full on conversations with her animals.

In short, I leave you with three of our past costumes. As for this year, just picture me in my pajamas with a cat mask (the sleeping kind) and tissues strewn about my bed. Bah, humbug! I mean...Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sick Day

Self made scarf
Robert Rodriguez sweatshirt (c/o)
Zara pants (old)
BDG shirt (old)
Lookmatic "Payton" frames
Bobby's grungy old socks

The other day, I was thinking to myself, "I haven't been sick in awhile." It was a point of pride for me, since I'm generally known to be sick more often than well. But as those who forget to knock on wood often learn, those thoughts can jinx you into a sickly, bed-ridden state of being. Guess what? I forgot to knock on wood. Pass me the kleenex, please.

(and no, I wasn't sick in these photos. I'm steering clear of the lens, at the moment!)

p.s. Learn how to tie your own head scarf with my head scarf tutorial.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Makeup Monday: Five Rose Lipsticks To Try

(I'm wearing MAC Mehr in this photo, a creamy matte, nude/rose hybrid) 

Though you'll often see me in reds and hot pinks, I probably wear rose lip colors more than anything. Often dismissed as an "old lady color" (I can't begin to tell you how many people have said that), rose can be a beautiful substitute for a true nude, when you need a little more color. Below are some of my current favorites:

1) Bobbi Brown Lip Color in "Rose" - a medium rose with a soft, matte finish. See it in action here (blotted) and here (full effect)
2) Julie Hewett Cheekie Cheek and Lip Shine in "Bette" - a bronzed rose that can double as a cheek color. I prefer this in pot form but this color seems to be reduced to pan size. See it in action here
3) Too Faced La Creme in "I Want Candy" - a raspberry rose with an ultra creamy, hydrating finish. It leans a little more red than this picture shows, but you can see me wearing it here.
4) Dior Addict Lipstick in "Dior Kiss" - a dark rosy pink with a sheer, glossy finish. 
5) Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in "Abbey Rose" - though described as a tinted balm, this rose lipstick has medium coverage, with a creamy, ultra hydrating finish.
Want more lipstick recommendations? Check out two of my past roundups, Five Hot Pink Lipsticks To Try and Five Red Lipsticks To Try.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parisian Dreams

Outfit Details: 

asos double breasted pink coat
Madewell shirt (layered over a Keds blouse) - both are old, but here's a solid two in one
Madewell shorts (old)
Alberto Fermani "Lissandra" boots (c/o)
Coach Sydney Watch and assorted jewelry 
  Madison Shoulder Flap bag (all Coach items are c/o)
Zac Posen x Illesteva cat eye sunglasses (here's a bargain version
vintage beret
Papillionaire Sommer bicycle
MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick

 Don't forget to enter my Coach watch and $250 giveaway. Tomorrow is the last day to submit your entries! Check out  this post for details on how to enter, and to read about my dreams of Paris. 

p.s. I'm disabling comments so that there is no confusion on where to enter. You have to comment on this post in order to qualify.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

About Time

Bobby and me, throughout the years.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a screening of About Time, a film from the creator of Love Actually, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral (you can view the trailer here). They asked me to share my thoughts about the film, and though I'm hardly a critic, I do love to share stories and personal anecdotes (and go off on unnecessary tangents). Especially late at night, when my mind is going a mile a minute - and that's precisely my current situation. I promise not to ruin anything with spoilers.

I don't often find myself at the movies, but when I go, I usually go alone. I've quashed the idea of hanging out with friends at the movies, since time in the dark with no conversation seemed like a waste of worthy companionship. It was best saved for first dates, I told myself, to give reprieve from stumbling around awkward small talk and indulge in a much needed box of candy. And clearly, those days of first dates are over. 

But really, it isn't that I'm actually against movie nights - it's more of an excuse to go it alone. Every once in a while, I do just that. As I walked out of About Time, mascara running down my face, I remembered why: because I'm a sobbing mess at the drop of a hat, and I'm a closet romantic who's keen on staying that way. Sometimes a mildly misanthropic and utterly pessimistic one, but still. Romance makes me really jittery and uncomfortable - especially when I'm in social situations - but that doesn't mean I'm not rooting for it. After all, I am in a relationship, and if that's not a rom-com miracle, I don't know what is. I may not be the typical female lead but I am clumsy as all get out, and if I know anything about romantic comedies, that's half the battle. 

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I read that it was about a guy who used his time traveling capabilities to find love and fix any missteps, and I'm glad that I went into it without a clue. As it turns out, this wasn't your usual saccharine, sappy, romance - and it wasn't a campy, over the top comedy, either. It's a feel-good story about love, yes, but it's the love between Tim and his exceedingly charming family that had me both in stitches and tears. (Side note: when Tim introduced his little sister with the line, "She was to me, and still is, the most wonderful thing in the world," I knew I was at my kind of movie, because I'm pretty sure I've said the same thing about Tessa.) In fact, if I had two words to describe About Time, it would be "absolutely charming." And if there was one thing I took away from the movie, it's the lesson that love doesn't have to be over the top in grandeur, and it doesn't have to be perfect. In the beginning, he relives everything until its perfect, but eventually learns that life is worth leaving as it is, even with all of its flaws. In fact, it's the missteps, the imperfections, and even the tragedies that make the good things that much sweeter - and they also make the best stories.

When I look back at my past courtships, they're rife with embarrassment that was made for the movies. I once met a guy's family and then realized my dress was both backwards and inside out (don't ask), walked into a pole and knocked over a trashcan in one step right in front of my high school crush, and even had a first date quite literally run away from me and leave me standing, bewildered.* I always said the wrong things, made the wrong moves, and generally made a fool of myself. At the time, they were all humiliating situations that felt like total life ruiners, but now they're my favorite stories to tell. I wouldn't want to relive them, mind you, but I also wouldn't change them for the world, even if I had the gift of time travel. Without all of the palm-to-forehead moments that left me bright red and mortified, hiding under the covers, I wouldn't have started my Open Diary, which led to LiveJournal, which led to this blog. And there would be no Bobby, the boy that many all have come to know through pictures and stories, because believe it or not, our beginning was just as awkward and bumpy as any other. I wouldn't have it any other way.

p.s. One thing I will gladly relive (see how I brought it full circle?) is the opportunity to see About Time again, and I might even make it a group outing. It comes out on November 8th (select theaters November 1st), so let's stock our bags with tissues and candy contraband and make a night of it.

*One day, when I'm feeling particularly nostalgic, I'll share the full stories, and one of you will write a blockbuster script whose leading lady has an eerily similar montage of awkward encounters...and I'll know. We'll all know. 

Casual Caturday

Outfit Details:
Hat Attack hat via Free People
cat sweater (not identical, but almost the same)
Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses, c/o Shades Daddy
Madewell lace shorts, old

Lazy days and Caturdays are pretty much synonymous in this household of sleepy kitties (who miraculously become crazy energetic in the middle of the night). As soon as I picked up this ridiculous cat sweater from LF, I knew it was going to be my go-to for exactly that. If only every day could be Caturday.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Makeup Monday: Five Hot Pink Lipsticks To Try

(I'm wearing Urban Decay "Anarchy" in this photo - it's creamy, shiny, and highly pigmented, with blue undertones.)

I focus a lot on lip products, because it's what receives the most requests. That's probably because I wear lipsticks more than anything else; it's a quick and easy way to make a statement. After compiling a list of Five Red Lipsticks To Try on Westfield Style, a few readers requested that I do the same for some other colors. And so I did, starting with one of my favorite shades. Here are five hot pink lipsticks I love, in different tones and finishes:
1) NARS "Schiap" - semi-matte, fuchsia pink. I wore it in a recent instagram.
2) MAC "Candy Yum Yum" - cool, neon pink with an ultra matte finish.  See it in action
Smashbox "Electric Pink" - bright coral pink with a matte finish. This one is great for warmer toned skin. As seen in this post.
4) Ilia "Neon Angel" - creamy magenta, hydrating formula. I love this line.
5) LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil in "Lambchop" - a little more subdued than the others I listed, this bright pink pencil/lipstick hybrid has buildable color, with a glossy finish. No sharpening needed, and it has a lovely minty scent. See it on my beautiful sister, Tessa.

I've already started compiling a list of five rose lipsticks to try, which I'll share next. If there are any colors or even completely different products you would like me to cover, please let me know in the comments and I'll happily oblige!

Friday, October 18, 2013

If I Had Time: Coach Watch Giveaway!

Want to win my Coach Sydney Watch? Keep reading to find out how!

I've never been beyond the US borders; I was always short on the funds or time. While friends were backpacking through Europe, I was baking pretzels and doing myriad odd jobs, scrimping and saving to put myself through school. Free from student loans, I moved to New York with Miku and enough money for one month of rent. I spent the new few years struggling, living in a cramped apartment, and generally figuring out my place in this bustling city. But even though my budget didn't allow for travel, I never felt like I was missing out. After all, I was in New York City - and that was my dream!

Now that I'm settled and seven years in, I can't wait any longer to travel the rest of the world. So when Coach gave me their Sydney Watch and asked me what I'd do if I had the time, I immediately knew the answer: I'd go to Paris. And I'll make the time! My friends and I are planning a trip for next year. Most of them have been to Paris multiple times or have lived there; one of my friends has even written a book about the city. I will be the starry-eyed tourist among seasoned pros, and I'm completely fine with that.

Is there something you'd love to do, but haven't found the time? Tell me in the comments below, and I’ll choose one lucky person to win my watch along with $250 from Coach to help you plan and organize what you don’t have the time to do.

Contest is open to residents of at least 18 years of age in the United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Entries will be accepted until October 25th, 5 PM EST. Must provide valid email or active social media account, in order to be notified upon winning. Good luck!

The winner is Megan Staker. Thanks for entering!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

St. Louis Fashion Week Recap

Outfit Details:
Hat Attack hat
H+M lace shirt (old)
Betsey Johnson dress (old)
thrifted belt
Coach Madison leather bag
Seychelles Ampersand heels 
vintage bow tie

St. Louis, you treated us well! Recently, my mom and I met up in St. Louis for St. Louis Fashion Week, thanks to the wonderful people at Alive Magazine and The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission. It was such a special trip to me, not only because I love discovering and supporting regional designers, but because I was able to share the experience with my mom. She was born in St. Louis, and hasn't been back since she was in her twenties. I don't think she's had a vacation since then, either (except the couple of times she was able to make it to New York). Most of our extended family still lives there, and we were able to find time to see them, during our downtime. It was like a family reunion! 

Years ago, I attended a q+a with Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week and the STLFW guest of honor. When asked why NYFW wasn't held downtown, since "fashion doesn't happen above 14th street," she immediately replied, "Fashion happens everywhere." That answer always stuck with me. Fashion is just another form of self expression, and for that, there are no parameters. It was wonderful to see her support emerging talents in another city, and giving them such great encouragement. I was lucky enough to walk away with a beautiful piece of jewelry from local designer  Laura Kathleen, and had a chance to chat with Emily of Wai Ming on our tour around the city. I also hosted Industry Night, which showcased several designers: Blue Bird Apparel, Paulie Gibson, Dipped and Dyed, and Suzanne Lay in presentations, and Jennifer ChunEva FrancoSamantha Pleet, Laura Kathleen, and Wai Ming on the runway.  Calivintage captured the night's collections in more detail, so please check her post out for more photos. Here are some highlights from the shows:

1) We attended a brunch and darling presentation for Rungolee, at the designer's home. I was pretty crazy about this lovely model's head scarf. I'm predictable.
2) Eva Franco had the models smiling and blowing kisses down the runway.
3) I'm pretty crazy about Samantha Pleet, and was excited that she was showing in St. Louis.
4) Local designer Suzanne Lay. I loved the red short suit, and I want my hair to look like that!

1) My welcome gift from our gracious hosts. Also, shout out to Yasmin of Bangles and Bungalows for picking us up at the airport and bringing us snacks!
2) We stayed at The Cheshire hotel. I loved the antique was right up our alley.
3) Looking out the stained glass windows of our room.
4) Me and my pretty mom.
5) At the St. Louis Art Museum, in front of an Ellsworth Kelly piece.
6) Another shot of my gorgeous mama, who hates having her picture taken but was a good sport, anyway.

Muzio (which is a pretty awesome app, by the way) and the St. Louis CVC hosted a tour of St. Louis. We saw the Arch, City Garden, Cathedral Basilica, the library, the art museum, and even went thrifting at Savers. We also got a peek at The World Chess Hall of Fame's upcoming exhibit, A Queen Within. It opens in two days, so if you're in the area, I highly recommend checking it out.

Special thanks to Alive MagazineThe St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission,  The Cheshire, Lindsay Pattan, and all of the STLFW sponsors and designers for welcoming us. We had such a wonderful time, and can't wait to see what you present in the future.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Party hat

As you can probably tell, Maisy the bicycle has already been getting a lot of use. Helena's and my new work space (I'll share more with you guys soon) is within walking distance from my apartment, but I prefer to ride the bike - especially since the freight elevator makes it so I don't have to carry it up and down two sets of stairs. Of course, I have to do that at my apartment...but once is enough. While I usually ride in flats, these boots are surprisingly easy to ride (and walk) in. The hat is the difficult part. Perhaps I should start tying them to my head with elastic, like a party hat.  

Want to see more photos and outfit details? Head on over to Westfield Style to see my full post. You can also check out all of my posts to date, including a round up of some of my favorite over the knee boots!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Makeup Monday: Lipstick Rewind

I sometimes forget to list my lip colors, which always prompts a lot of inquiries. I have a slew of favorite lipsticks, and I will do a more detailed post of them, soon. In the meantime, here are four that I feature very often:

1. MAC "Girl About Town"

2. Bobbi Brown "Roseberry"

3. MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme "Unlimited"

4. MAC "Russian Red"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trapeze Swinger

Outfit Details:
Kate Spade sunglasses
vintage dress
Stuart Weitzman Highland boots (c/o)
I love a mod trapeze dress as much as I love my over the knee boots - and as you may have noticed, I do love my boots. I did a round up of some of my favorites for this Westfield Style post, so check that out, if you're in need of some shopping inspiration. I love the color of this particular pair; I have a few in black, brown, and even purple (yes, purple) - so this pretty neutral was a great new addition. As for the dress - my mom just gets me. She knows what I like, and always finds the best vintage dresses for me. It has quickly become my all-time favorite dress. Thanks, mom! 

p.s. Bobby looked too cute, holding my matching balloons:)
p.p.s. If you follow me on instagram, you probably already saw this - but I made a silly little video of this outfit.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Outfit Details:
Sretsis dress
thrifted belt
vintage hat
Bloch flats (c/o)
Ray-Ban RB5226 cat-eye glasses
Coach Madison Shoulder Flap Bag (c/o) 
La Mer watch (c/o)
Papillionaire Sommer bicycle (her name is Maisy)

I'm not usually the type to do anything special for my birthday, nor am I one to buy myself birthday presents. This year, both happened. Bobby planned a special birthday for me, and I splurged on a new bicycle. After a long search and a lot of bookmarking, I happened upon the exact bicycle I wanted - the one I always had in mind - in the window of their local shop. I may be quick with my flamingo purchases, but I usually take a lot of time to decide on purchases - especially an investment like this. It's rare that I pick anything up without hesitation, but this bike was an exception. And considering how much I've been riding it around, I'd say it was worth it!