Monday, October 7, 2013

Makeup Monday: Marc Jacobs Honey Spots

If you've been following along on instagram, you may have noticed a little bee sporadically popping up in some of my pictures. That's because I teamed up with Marc Jacobs - in celebration of their new perfume, Marc Jacobs Honey - to show you a few of my favorite spots around the city - my "honey spots."

1) Bobby and I spent many a summer weekend on Governor's Island, which is a short (and free!) ferry ride away, yet feels like an entirely different world. We rented bikes, enjoyed Fete Paradiso, and attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party. It just closed for the season, but I finally purchased a new bike to enjoy year round. 

2) One of my absolute favorite spots is a teeny tiny place in Greenwich Village, Tea & Sympathy. It's a tucked away, cozy little place to enjoy afternoon tea or a steaming pot pie with a friend. If you're feeling extra indulgent, you have to get the treacle pudding!

3) Helena and I first had Molly's Cupcakes while we were in Chicago, and were somewhat embarrassed to learn that we already have one in New York. I don't treat myself to cupcakes very often, but when my sister was in town, I had to bring her by. My favorite is the creme brûlée, but this peach cobbler cupcake was a close second!

4) Does an entire city count as a honey spot? When you live in NYC, it does. 

5) My favorite borough, Brooklyn! I might be biased, since I live here. I reside in Park Slope, but seem to spend almost as much time in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, which are adjacent neighborhoods. This was taken at Van Horn, a cute little spot where my friends and I had lunch. 

 Want to know more of my favorite honey spots? Feel free to ask me for suggestions, especially if you're planning on making a trip to New York! You can also share some of your own honey spots here, or tag them on instagram and twitter with #mjhoneyspots.


  1. What a cute idea. Love the pics!!


    xx Mira

  2. nice pics.... got to admit the bottle is really cute.x

  3. This is such a cute idea! Marc Jacobs always has adorable perfume bottles :)

  4. I loooooove Tea & Sympathy, it is the cutest place in the world! I live pretty nearby it, so it's almost always a temptation.

  5. lovely pics! And the bottle is adorable!

  6. Molly's is my favorite cupcake place in NYC! I have to stay away from that part of town, or I'll eat one for lunch :)

    <3 Vicki

  7. Haha I was so confused about your instagram, it all makes sense now ;)

    xx -b.

  8. Ooh this is so cute <3 Great post
    xoxo Zoe

  9. This is so cool.. loved it!