Friday, February 28, 2014

Have a rosy weekend.

Wearing: Oasap lace trapeze mini dress, flower crown made by Kimbly (see other flower crown options on my "life on the prairie" collection - #followitfindit), Seychelles platforms

Happy Friday, everyone! I know this week was a little sporadic, in terms of posts - but I was on a family trip to Disney World, and got sidetracked by the magic and all that.

- I'm already a fan/consumer of Impossible Project film, and now I'm thinking of buying The Impossible Instant Lab, which attaches to your phone and prints your photos with instant film. I still won't give up my polaroid, but I love the idea of this! Anyone have experience with it?

- A mother and tiny daughter duo make elaborate dresses out of paper and tape and post them on instagram. Adorable, and so creative!

- Dark fairytales on Westfield Style, featuring Alice and Olivia and The Blonds.

- After adding up some gift cards, I got these Miu Miu round sunglasses for twenty bucks. I've been lusting after them for a long time - even added them to my grunge collection!

- I'm in love with this Carolina K mini dress from Bona Drag. Also available in red.

- Speaking of Bona Drag, how about a S'Morrissey pillow?

- Loving this mother's day card. Also, all of Emily McDowell's on Etsy.

- Dear Anthropologie, please put this dreamy Zimmermann top on your sale rack, so I can buy and wear it all spring and summer long.

- The world is your oyster.    

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Wear: Statement Coats

Outfit Details:
old beanie
Ann Taylor Windowpane Jacquard Coat and Ann Taylor collared keyhole shell (c/o Ann Taylor and currently 30% off) mini heart pin
old pink tights
Alberto Fermani boots
Quay "Kitti" cat eye sunglasses
Folli Follie K vintage satchel
MAC Candy Yum Yum hot pink lipstick

I have a thing for statement coats - mainly, because of the amount of time it cuts out of getting dressed, in the morning. It's the same reason I like a great day dress; putting together an outfit is really simple, when you only have to grab one garment. Statement coats are kind of similar. For example, I could wear a t-shirt and jeans under this black and white Ann Taylor coat and still look pulled together (and might do that, once it warms up). On this particular day, I skipped the t-shirt and jeans and went with pops of super bright pink and my trusty over the knee boots, because I love a modern take on mod. Actually, I love a literal interpretation of mod, too. It just depends on which day you catch me.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Happiest Place On Earth.

Forever 21 Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, Free People lace denim cutoff shorts, headband from Disney World, Coach bag.

Greetings, from the happiest place on earth! I'm currently on a family trip to Disney World, so please excuse my brevity. I haven't been here in a long time, and we've never had a family trip (as an entire unit), before - so it's all very exciting. Want to follow along in real time? Add me on instagram!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Have a lovely weekend.

(Urban Outfitters Heart Over the Knee Socks)

What are your plans, this weekend? Bobby and I are in Florida, to visit his mom for a couple of days, then we're going to Disney World with my giant family. We've never had a family trip, before, and I can't wait to see all of the kids at Magic Kingdom. Fact: on my first trip to Disney, I said to my grandparents, "I must be dreaming..."

Follow along on my instagram to see more from our trip! In the meantime, I put together a roundup of links that caught my eye, this week. And by "caught my eye,"  I mean they are still open in tabs - because I'm that girl who always has fifty tabs open.

I'm super late to the game on this one, but Humans of NY took up several hours of my life, yesterday (in the best way possible). Thanks, Christine, for introducing me to it! You can also follow on instagram.

- As long as winter is sticking around, I'd like to be wearing this sailor coat. Also, this pink, grey, and white checked coat.

- I spend an alarming amount of time looking for cat themed items. I've also been adding coats to my vintage collection on eBay. I'm obsessed with vintage coats! #followitfindit

- I'm in the market for a new area rug, and I'm currently loving this colorful, floral rug. Any other shops I should check out for interior decor? Helena and I are still decorating the studio!

The Diptyque sample sale is back on the 26th. Naturally, I'll be out of town. I'm hoping some good ones are still available, when I get back!

- My friend Shae recently shot Alice and Olivia's FW 2014 Lookbook, and it's like something out of a beautifully dark fairytale. Check it out!

- How cute is Amy Flying A Kite in this horse dress?

- I try to keep things relatively light on here, but I want to end with something that's very important to me. Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration announced their plan to remove over 400 children from two deplorable homeless shelters (keep in mind, that's a number compiled from merely two shelters), and into permanent subsidized housing or temporary shelters with more suitable conditions. This is long overdue, but a huge step in the right direction. With homeless rates at an all time high in NYC, I'm hopeful that this will raise awareness and bring on a wave of reform - but there's a lot of work to do. Be compassionate to those around you, and help when and how you can. Please check out Women In Need, an organization that assists homeless women and children, to see how you can help. You can also use Charity Navigator to find other organizations in your area.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Madonna Inn: Love Nest

Outfit Details:
ASOS tapestry print dress
thrifted belt
Swedish Hasbeens red, braided sky high heels (c/o)
Lookmatic "Payton" frames (c/o)
MAC Russian Red
(Kim is wearing a vintage dress and fascinator)

After a particularly rough month, Kimbly suggested that I fly out to California, so we could take a road trip to Madonna Inn. I immediately booked my flight for a few days later and off we went, with a rental car and a spotify mix of road trip tunes (admittedly, a super weird mix of mellow, upbeat, and downright angry songs). Here's how I know I have the best friends, ever: we are the kind of people who will drop everything in a heartbeat, to be there when one of us is in distress. This was one of those times, and it was exactly the trip that we both needed. I'd like to wax poetic about the friendships I've built over the course of my life, and how important it is to surround yourself with uplifting (yet grounding) people, but that deserves an entire post of its own; there are a lot of people for whom I am grateful. Instead, I'll focus on the kitschy beauty that is the Madonna Inn: a magical, glittery spectacle that's charming as all get out, with pink champagne cake, endless themed rooms, and waterfall urinals (no, but really - you have to check out the men's room). We stayed for two nights and booked a different room for each - I'll showcase the other room, in the next post. This is the Love Nest, a fairytale hideaway with a spiral staircase that lead to a personal tower of stained glass windows. It basically looks like something Snow White might live in, where woodland creatures come and braid her hair and vacuum her pink shag carpet. And of course, by Snow White, I mean me - because all I've ever wanted in life is to be Snow White and have tiny animals do all of my chores. Gotta dream big, ya know?

See more of our adventures on instagram.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Makeup Monday: Ombré Glasses, Ombré Lips (Easy Tutorial)

The inspiration: Kliik Denmark 495 frames

Products used: Urban Decay lip pencil in "Venom", Urban Decay eye pencil in "Perversion", MAC "Russian Red" lipstick, MAC "Up The Amp" lipstick.

Kliik Denmark recently sent some glasses for me to try at home, and though I ultimately ended up choosing frames that were slightly larger to suit my face shape (the 494s), I fell in love with the red and purple ombré effect of this particular pair. Ever since seeing the ombré lip all over the runways last February, I've been slightly obsessed with all different variations. I created this ombré lip in partnership with Kliik, with these matching frames in mind. It's incredibly easy, and you can change it up with any colors you want! Products I used are above, and the steps to complete your look are below:

1) Line your [previously primed] lips with a dark liner, and blend black liner into the corners.
2) Fill with bright red lipstick, and blend slightly.
3) Dab the lightest color into the center of the lips and blend outward. Done!

Friday, February 14, 2014

NYFW: Backstage with Stila for Rebecca Minkoff

I spend a lot of time backstage, during fashion week; I enjoy covering beauty just as much as the clothing. The best is when I get the opportunity to do both for one show, but since call times and show times are usually so far apart and there are often overlaps with something else, I sometimes have to choose. If a call time is late enough, I can see the full first looks before they hit the runway, and if it's early enough, I sometimes have just enough time to run to another venue and come back at showtime. The latter is exactly what happened at Rebecca Minkoff. In partnership with Diet Coke, I headed backstage to catch up with Sarah Lucero and her Stila team, and check out the makeup before jetting downtown to Sally LaPointe and then back again for the full Rebecca Minkoff show (which I managed to do, all in one hour). I've already shared a couple of my "on" moments, here in this Diet Coke video and on instagram, but if I had to choose another, it would definitely be the first time I stepped into the tents at NYFW. I still feel honored to be invited, and even more so that I get to peek behind the scenes and watch some of my idols at work.

It's always such a pleasure to chat with Sarah; she is genuinely kind and talented, and always bright and sunny, despite the backstage hustle and bustle. Shoulder to shoulder, flashes all over, hair and makeup and nails all being done at once, interview after interview: I only just now realized that I should've taken video, so that you all could understand how chaotic it is and fully appreciate the level of work that goes into each model's look, from head to toe.

This particular look, referred to as "Mod Maven" by Sarah, is one that can be easily recreated at home. For all it's impact (that lip!), it requires few products: a pinkish neutral eye and matching blush, filled brows, mascara, and a dark, matte lip (Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in "Amore"). I broke down the products used to get the look here, if you want to try it out for yourself. I'm also looking forward to trying out the nail look (by Essie) - a twist on a french manicure, done with a deep berry and navy tips. Beautiful!  Huge thank you to Diet Coke, Stila, and Rebecca Minkoff for hosting me backstage and near the runway. See you in September!

p.s. See more of my NYFW adventures on Westfield Style.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dames in Frames: Lookmatic + iPad Air Giveaway

Outfit Details:
ASOS tapestry print dress
thrifted belt
Swedish Hasbeens red, braided sky high heels
Lookmatic "Payton" frames (all frames are $62 including shipping, until February 16th!)

I wear these Lookmatic "Payton" frames so much, I just ordered a second pair in tortoise. I was already thinking about it, and then they started their Valentine's Day sale. Can't beat $62 for a new pair of prescription frames! It's funny how I have so many pairs of glasses, and yet I seem to wear the same handful of frames, over and over. I'm the same way with shoes and handbags! You'd think I only own a few pairs of shoes, the way I rotate them within a select group. And yet, I always like to have options, because there are days when I want to mix it up.

Lookmatic is also offering a special Valentine's Day giveaway to my readers! The prize will be one Lookmatic style of your choice, and an iPad Air! For a chance to win, just visit Lookmatic's website and pick your favorite pair, then reply to in the entry form with the name of the style you'd like to win. Enter by Sunday at 11:59pm EST, and the winner will be chosen randomly and announced here (on the widget). Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner is Courtney P.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day #OneHotDate

Outfit Details (shop both of our looks, below the post):

old H+M chunky knit turtleneck sweater
Urban Outfitters denim shorts
Alberto Fermani boots
Chronograph watch gift set (his) and Pave watch gift set (hers) c/o Express

It's actually rare that Bobby and I do anything special for Valentine's Day; I usually prefer to stay in, cook dinner, and have some quality time. And by "cook dinner," I mean that Bobby cooks dinner, and I eat it. But this year, he made restaurant reservations really far in advance, so we're trying something new. Otherwise, our "dates" are usually more of an adventure than an actual destination. We like to get out of the city and explore, and go on a hunt for old treasures. We often go on quick two and three day trips to the country, where we'll relax and recharge. When we're at home on normal days, we bring Miku to the studio and watch movies on my friend Angie's projector - which is the best thing, ever. While I'm working on my laptop, Bobby likes to watch movies like Die Hard (every single one); I am partial to Pretty in Pink, Harold and Maude, and Heathers. Miku is totally on board with me; girls have to stick together.

See more #OneHotDate stories and photographs, on Express, and share your own by tagging #OneHotDate on instagram and twitter.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Maybe Valentine

Outfit Details:
Kate Spade "fit to be veiled" hat (as seen on my Westfield Style cold weather accessories round up)
Ray-Ban sunglasses c/o Sunglass Hut
ASOS coat
Forever 21 dress
Lipstick combo of MAC "Unlimited" and Make Up For Ever #4

I already dress like every day is Valentine's Day; it's actually a little ridiculous how much of my closet is some shade of red or pink. But as much as I love the theme of it all, and the ubiquitous hearts and chocolates that come with, I am actually a little more jaded than I let on. Maybe "jaded" isn't really the word - it's more of an indifference to the actual day, the typical gifts it requires, and the overpacked restaurants with prix fixe menus. It's just that at some point, I realized it wasn't even about love or lack thereof - many of my friends call it "National Singles Awareness Day" - it's about having so many of my favorite things in one giant, overdone theme. That's why I was quick to jump at the opportunity to attend Sunglass Hut's offbeat V-Day party, which was based around Drag Queen Bingo and lots of sweets. Drag queens, bingo, sunglasses, and cupcakes? What's so bad about that? It sounds like heaven, and it was. I actually won one round (and got these Ray-Bans as a prize). I have never won Bingo, before - it was a valentine's miracle.

I wasn't always so quick to embrace V-Day, as my friends and family (and longtime readers) know. It was fun when we were little and there was a rule that each student had to give every single classmate a valentine. But even then, I was always disappointed when whatever boy I liked would inevitably choose a way too platonic card for me. Heartbreaking. Young love is positively brutal, isn't it?

Flash forward to high school: I used to wear all black and a shirt that said "Anti-Valentine" on Valentine's Day. I wasn't one for subtleties. I also had one that said "HATE ME" - so as you can probably deduce, I was a very pleasant teenager to be around. Back then, it was all about getting a carnation delivered to your homeroom from your high school sweetheart, or collecting hearts from boys in all of your classes and putting them all over your shirt. Yes, that was a thing, and no, I never got any. The most action I got was when I was forced to dress in a renaissance getup and perform sonnet-grams, which is just as humiliating as it sounds. It was the worst, and I gave up on ever finding romance in the form of a flower or a paper heart. That is, until walked into my Physics class and found a bouquet of roses on my desk , with a note that said it was from a secret admirer. For about five seconds, I was overwhelmed with the magic of this Valentine's Day miracle, until my teacher spilled the beans and told me that my gay best friend left them for me. It didn't make me sad, though - it made laugh and feel lighter. Someone loved me enough to try and make my day brighter, even if it was based on a little white lie. I carried those roses around all day, and hoped that my high school crush was wondering who gave them to me and kicking himself for missing his chance (he wasn't, but a girl can dream). In that moment of fictional romance and sweet aromatics, I came to the conclusion that maybe Valentine's Day wasn't all that bad. Or perhaps it was when I realized that as soon as it's over, all of the candy goes on sale and you can have chocolate forever and ever. Either way, I'm glad I came around to it…if only because I no longer have enough black garments in my closet to make a decent outfit.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Keiko Lynn x Diet Coke: My On Moment (and an amazing contest!)

Keiko Lynn x Diet Coke - My On Moment from Keiko Lynn on Vimeo.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Diet Coke to share the story behind my "on moment" - the time when I realized I was on my way to something great. Being that I'm pretty much the [very unofficial] spokesperson for Diet Coke and that it's my default order at every bar in NYC, I'd like to say that getting to work with them was yet another on moment. My friends have been joking for years that I need to get an endorsement with them. Move over, Taylor Swift. I'm comin' for ya.

Now that I've shared my on moment, let us know yours! Share your story on twitter or instagram and tag @dietcoke #youreon and you'll be entered to win some amazing prizes. Grand prize gets an NYC trip package for two in September 2014, during NYFW! You'll get flights, accommodations, spending money, and attendance to a show. There are also several other prizes to win, including invitations to this week's shows. Enter, now! See the contest rules and details, here.