Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Spring!

(photo taken from my instagram)

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got hit with a stomach bug and was dead to the world (this seems to happen to me a lot, which is making me wonder if it's something in my diet). In fact, we were supposed to leave for our road trip to Nashville this morning, but I am only just now starting to feel able to sit in a car. So, apologies for the late link roundup - but yay, Nashville!

- It's the last day to preorder Vivetta on Moda Operandi. Or window shop and pretend you are preordering all the Vivetta (points at self).

- Red is my favorite color to wear, so I dedicated my newest eBay collection to it. eBay will donate $1 to March of Dimes for each new collection that's made, so start creating your collections, now! Plus, one random person will receive $5000 to shop their collection. #ImBornTo

- They're making a live action Jem and The Holograms movie, and anyone can audition. Remember when Kimbly was Jem for Halloween? Thanks for the tip, Charlene and Lauren!

New Darlings (Robert and Christina) are a really, really, ridiculously cute couple.

Kurt and Courtney and 90s grunge dreams. #followitfindit

25% off everything at J.Crew with code "HEYSPRING".



  1. Happy Spring! You've got some gorgeous flowers there :)
    Pretty Lovely

  2. Those flowers would look great on my bookshelf! And I love Nashville! What brings you to the music city?

  3. Happy Spring to you too! I love flowers - and all the colourful fashions that come with Spring! Get well soon and enjoy the season!

  4. I've had stomach problems for years, I kinda decided it was a lost cause because it felt like no matter what I ate it was a problem, but I did a crazy detox (doctor ordered) and my stomach problems went away! I think I've narrowed it down to wheat or dairy. I thought it was wheat for sure, but I'm now thinking it might be dairy. I'm about to cut it back out again to see. Plus, I know for sure dairy causes me to breakout (I've also always had chin acne and that cleared up on the detox and came back with the dairy reintroduced). You should try eliminating things to see what's up! Good luck!

  5. Happy Spring! Love that bouquet

  6. I remember you mentioning that you're sick frequently... it may have to do with the amount of gluten/dairy in your diet. Can be a big problem if you have an intolerance! It might be a good idea to see a doc and get tested for food allergies. Hope you start feeling better!

  7. Aren't Christina and Robert the sweetest!? So sorry your stomach hasn't been cooperating. I sadly know how that goes...