Thursday, April 3, 2014

Combatant Gentlemen



Look one: black gingham check slim fit shirt, Madras Monday tie by Combatant Gentlemen. Topshop jeans, JD Fiske shoes, vintage hat.

Look two: Black pinstripe slim fit suit, black gingham check slim fit shirt, black and white polka dot bow tie, all by Combatant Gentlemen, Bonlook glasses.

I've always felt kind of guilty that, compared to Bobby's, my clothing options are seemingly limitless: I can always find cute clothing at any price point, and the sale rack gems are plentiful. Of course, by "guilty" I mean that it's crossed my mind on a few occasions and I never really felt that bad about it. There are worse things in life, guys. But still, when Bobby shops for certain items - say, a suit - I realize that mens clothing can be so expensive. So when Combatant Gentlemen asked to send Bobby some of their clothing to try out, we jumped at the opportunity for two reasons: 1) it felt like a springtime Christmas for him and 2) because that meant I got to sit behind the camera, for this one. Upon browsing the site and picking out pieces to wear, he was pleasantly surprised by the prices ($16 for neckwear, $30-$40 for a shirt, $160 for a full suit). I often tease him that his perception of "a good deal" is skewed by our living in NYC - he forgets what groceries cost in other states (they can be SO expensive here) - but in this case, he's right on the money. See what I did there? Sites like Combat Gent can afford to keep their costs low because of one simple reason: cutting out the middleman and selling directly, which eliminates the huge markup from wholesale to retail...and keeps men like Bobby looking fresh2death.

Thanks for the dapper duds, Combat Gent! You made Bobby a very happy fella.


  1. Thank you for sharing this!! My boyfriend and I have been on a never-ending quest for a jacket and we can't seem to find anything that's within our budget AND stylish. :)

  2. I loove that second outfit. I am very thankful for the limitlessness of female clothing <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. love the 2nd look

    doing a giveaway on my blog!

  4. Oh gosh. That second outfit is amazing! I love a three piece suit.

    Jx Shoplinkz

  5. He looks great! I like the 1st outfit the best.


  6. Haha I always ask my husband if he feels sad about never being able to wear skirts or dresses. He just looks at me like I am a crazy person. Your boy has the BEST style, so very gentlemanly!

    Kirsten |

  7. I love both of those looks, what a handsome man! I'm always looking for new stuff for my boyfriend, definitely gonna check them out!
    Cx from Mixed Mediums