Monday, June 16, 2014

Makeup Monday: What's in my makeup bag?

Since I started my Invisalign® treatment, I've been playing around with my normal makeup routine, so it's time for me to update you on what's currently in my makeup bag. For those of you who missed my last posts (read those posts here), I'm currently receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment in exchange for sharing my experience, once a month (full disclosure here).

After years of being a statement lip girl, I decided to try out giving my eyes the full treatment - at least some of the time. I actually used to be a statement eye girl (never without a smokey or vivid eye), but after having some sensitivity issues, I switched to the lips and scarcely looked back. I later realized that my sensitivity is specific to purple shadows, so I can safely shift the focus back to my eyes. I'm not giving up lipstick - never, ever! - but it's time to dial it back. Why? Because wearing a bright red lip and removing my clear aligners = red fingers and smudged lips, and I've gotten lipstick on my Invisalign aligners a few times. I don't want to risk staining them, since the entire point is for them to be clear! In an effort to keep them as clean as possible, I've been limiting my lipstick days and sticking to finishes that don't budge. It's actually pretty fun to play up my eyes a little, to switch things up. I've even taken to wearing false lashes every now and then, since mine are non-existent.

Since my switch-up, I decided to document what's currently in my makeup bag (which is by, by the way). I know it seems like a lot to carry around (it is), but I'm a perpetual over-packer when I'm traveling, and that seems to also carry into my normal, everyday life. There are some products missing from my daily routine (primer being a main one), but these are just what I carry around with me on a daily basis for touch ups or disasters where I need to completely redo my whole face and everyone else's around me. One day that will happen, and you will all thank me for being so overly prepared. Here's what I'm currently carrying:

Brows: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, Brow Wiz Pencil, and dual sided brush. I always carry my brow stuff with me in the warmer months, just in case I need touch ups. In the winter, I just bring my pencil. Hands down, Anastasia Beverly Hills reigns supreme in the brow world.

Eyes: Too Faced Lash Injection, Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner, Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner, dual sided shadow brush, Too Faced Boudoir Eyes. As I stated in a recent post, I use two liquid liners: one felt tip, one brush. The felt tip Stila pen is perfect for getting between the lashes and doing an initial line, and the Urban Decay liner has a sleek, ultra opaque finish with a brush that's incredibly precise. I carry around a compact shadow set; even if I'm using a totally different set (like the Naked palette), I bring a similar kit in a smaller size, or individual shadows for touching up. A mini mascara is all I need; full sizes stay at home.

Face: NARS concealer for touch ups, Too Faced Beauty Balm, NARS Illuminator (to highlight the cheekbones, cupid's bow, inner corners of my eyes - or I mix a tiny bit with the beauty balm for a dewy look), Boscia blotting linens to get rid of shine, NARS Orgasm blush, a compact mirror, MAC 187 brush (for blush, or if I need finishing powder).

Lips: MAC Prep and Prime Lip, MAC Unlimited pro longwear lip creme (this doesn't budge), and Stila "Aria" Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (this *really* doesn't budge, but it can be a little drying if you wear it all day). Primer is a must for me.

Invisalign: My Invisalign container (complete with "rubber gum" to help lock the trays in, when I initially put them in) that holds my Invisalign clear aligners when I’m eating meals or brushing my teeth, Burt's Bees to keep my lips from getting chapped, a travel toothbrush to clean my aligners (I usually carry a separate travel brush for my teeth, or a packet of Wisps), travel floss. It's important to keep both your teeth and aligners clean, and sometimes it's not possible to run to a bathroom and do the full cleaning. In a pinch, I use Wisps to clean my teeth, and after this post, Bobby found these wipes that are great for cleaning my aligners while I'm out and about.

Whew! That's a lot, isn't it? It's a wonder that I can fit them all into a normal sized bag. Now's your turn - what's currently in your makeup bag?

p.s. If you are interested in Invisalign treatment, you can request more info, here.


  1. Wow you have the best stuff in your makeup bag. Currently I don't even have one but the Burt's Bees is always in my bag :D

    xx Mira

  2. great post!

  3. I always carry a small hair brush with me. My hair tends to get all messy throughout the day so I try to keep it under control by brushing through it regularly.

    Kati from black.white.vivid.

  4. I love your makeup bag it's so cute!

    Emma x

  5. I have the lipgloss and looooove it.

  6. Beautiful picks, Keiko! Anastasia Brow products and NARS blushes are staples of mine as well and that Too Faced Palette looks lovely :)


  7. fab!

  8. I love Nars blush too. Mine is Deep Throat! The clutch bag is so cute!

    1. Love that blush! It's a little less intense in terms of shimmer, which is nice.

  9. The makeup bag is just so cute, some great products too :) xx

  10. Hey Keiko!

    I've been reading your blog for a year now and love it! Your creativity and style inspires my own wardrobe and makeup, so thank you! I am about to start training to become a flight attendant (woo hoo!) and would love some suggestions for long lasting lipsticks and stains. The statement lip is such a classic component of the flight attendant image, and I want to perfect it before I start flying.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Sammi! Thanks so much. For long lasting lipsticks, I have a few suggestions:

      1) Always use a primer, and keep your lips moisturized and exfoliated in between.
      2) Go for matte finishes over glossy or creamy ones, because they last a lot longer!
      3) Check out MAC's pro longwear lip cremes. I think they're the unsung heroes of the lipstick world. They're super long lasting and pigmented, but not drying.

    2. Thank you! Can't wait to go makeup shopping and try some out!

  11. Keiko, I loved this post, especially because I'm an over-packer like you both while travelling and in everyday life. I liked how you addressed it with a touch of humour. Thanks for making us look good. ;) (And yes, that spare safety pin or dental floss has totally come in handy for others!) I've seen so many style bloggers post packing tips and they carry a whole weekend in a small Longchamp tote. How... ?! Also, points to you for being transparent about your Invisalign experience and your partnership. Readers are weary of sponsored posts these days. You've been honest with us and I know you'll be honest with your review as well. It's refreshing. Really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you! It's important to me that my readers know I'm a spokesperson, but I also want to be completely honest about my experience. Luckily, so far it has been great. I was worried about the attachments but I just got them and they don't bother me at all!

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  13. Your makeup bag is so cute! I always bring my lip balm, pressed powder, blotting paper and lip tint :D