Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Photo from my instagram. ModCloth watermelon dress (on sale) and Ray-Ban glasses. Find my watermelon nail tutorial, here.

This summer has been flying by, and since I've been on the go, I feel like I've barely taken advantage of it and all it has to offer. In order to make up for lost time, or maybe just because we had a little visitor in town, we condensed many of our favorite summer activities into the past week: picnics and bike rides on Governor's Island, exploring Prospect Park, activities (and ice cream!) at the Brooklyn Piers, a trip to Coney Island. We're taking Roxy back to Florida, tomorrow - but in the meantime, I rounded up some links I'd like to share. Happy Sunday!

- Bobby and I are taking Roxy Mae to see Cinderella, today, and I'm wishing I had this dress from Chicwish to wear. But I have plenty of tulle and lace in my closet, so I'm sure I'll figure it out.

- A unique take on the monogram: kaleidoscope letter necklaces.

- This shark sleeping bag is the second best sleeping bag in all of history. Second only to my Care Bear sleeping bag that rolled up into an actual stuffed Care Bear, which I had when I was little. It was awesome.

- File this Alice and Olivia unicorn bag under "things I desperately want but do not need."

- Bobby was featured on Blake Lively's new site, Preserve. Check it out!

- The visual spacing between Harry and Sally. Now I want to watch the movie all over again, and maybe go to Katz's.

- My mom sent me this video and I've watched it at least five times, since then. I'm so inspired by Tim's accomplishments and his outlook on life, and hope to one day visit his establishment for some breakfast and hugs. Please watch this - and then, let's all do a dance of magic in the morning. It will make mornings so much better!


  1. I adore your manicure!! I feel the same....Summer is rushing..past..I want to stop time for a bit...

  2. Suddenly fell in love with your watermelon dress. It looks sweet and yet stylish, totally amazing piece!

  3. Nice funny and juicy!!
    XOX, Gap.

  4. Amazing mani!!!

  5. Oh, loving the matching top and nails. Very cute. Not sure if I could rock that much watermelon at once!

  6. Love your matching look, and those monogram necklaces are super cool. Thanks for the links!


  7. awesome!

  8. I love the pic! Love the watermelon nails :)

  9. That watermelon dress + those watermelon nails equals such a cute summer look. Also those kaleidoscope letter necklaces are so cool! I feel like my mom would really like them since she has a soft spot for kaleidoscopes because her dad would make them for her when she was a little girl.

  10. Girl, you can never have enough tulle and lace in your wardrobe. Period . ;)
    PS: Love that kaleidoscope letter necklaces. I have quite the perfect outfit in mind for one of those. <3