Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY Striped Suitcase Tutorial

Much of my decor is thrifted, upcycled, and DIYed, and that ended up carrying over to the studio I share with Helena. Decorating the space has been a lengthy labor of love; we've been adding pieces as we find them, making everything more of a treasure hunt than a black and white checklist. I'll be sharing more about our decor (both at the studio and in my home), because it's something I enjoy so much, and it doesn't have to break the bank. See that glittery gold arrow marquee? I found it, battered and dusty, at an antique shop in North Carolina for $10. We cleaned it up, spray painted it gold, finished it with glitter, broadened the pre-existing holes and inserted lights. And that little stripedsuitcase? I'll show you exactly how I spruced it up. Follow the steps below for this simple DIY project.

(click for larger image)

Materials needed: old suitcase, painter's tape, choice of paints.

1. Start with an bare suitcase (this is vinyl).

2. Use the Scotch Blue painter's tape to cover any edges you don't want painted. I ran my nail along the edges of the tape, to make sure it was all secured.

3. Paint the whole area white (two coats). I used paint with primer already in it, to skip the step of priming it. I used these Glidden paint samples at Home Depot for all of the colors, and left one white. You can have any colors mixed on the spot, and it's more than enough!

4.After it's completely dry, lay out more of the painter's tape in any desired pattern. I went with simple, diagonal stripes. Again, secure the edges for the cleanest lines!

5. Paint the empty spaces the colors of your choice.

6. Pull up the tape to reveal clean lines, and you're done. Use it as a photo prop, cute storage solution (I have some stacked on top of my trunk, to hold seasonal accessories), or whatever you like!


  1. very cute!!

  2. This is gorgeous. Such a fun, easy to pull off DYI. Thanks Keiko!


  3. Adorable idea!


  4. this is such a cute and easy DIY. love the idea of making a vintage suitcase new again.


  5. So cute! and even better- so easy! Love it. Thank you for sharing!


  6. Great tutorial!!
    So awesome!
    Thanks so much for sharing! :)
    -Adrienne. xo

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  7. What a cute and original DIY!

  8. This is genius! And I love your fridge.

  9. That suitcase is so cool! I love your fridge

  10. Love this DIY easy and the finished product is fabulous!