Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weekend Link Roundup

(photo from my instagram)

- This is a perfect slouchy cardigan for the Winter/Spring transition.

- I'm a lifelong insomniac. I'm trying this trick for falling asleep, tonight. Wish me luck!

- I couldn't pass up this gauzy white dress.

- Instagram user to follow: sleepingplanes. I love the way he sees New York.

- I saw this patterned rug at West Elm and immediately pictured it in our studio. Which reminds me, I have to take measurements!

- An *NSYNC reunion? Can this be true?! And am I invited???

- Speaking of reunions, the Saved By The Bell reunion made my day. I get why Screech wasn't there, but where was Lisa?

- It's grilled cheese and tomato soup weather. This roasted veggie version looks delicious, and is actually something I'm capable of making.

- Notes in the snow by a NY artist.


  1. Great links! Happy weekend


  2. All of these are great links
    The ones that stood out to me: the NY photos, that yummy recipe and the notes in the snow!
    You have a lovely blog :)

  3. Keiko, such a pretty picture! Thanks for sharing!

    >>I'm a lifelong insomniac. I'm trying this trick for falling asleep, tonight. Wish me luck!
    Oooh, I do wish you luck. I also have troubles with falling asleep, it is not fun :( I tried the breathing technique, did not help. Recently I found another way to calm down my busy brain. Right before going to bed, I put my legs up against the wall and stretch them by putting them apart in different angles. I stay in this position for 10 min and after I sleep (and fall asleep) like a baby! Learned this technique from a yoga teacher. Maybe it will help you too. Wish you the best luck of all!

    1. It did not work for me, either! I tried it last night. I will definitely try your technique!

  4. Sleeping planes is my fav insta-er!

    <a href="”> TMI TAG </a>

  5. You should try the app Silva Relax! I just got it last night. I can't sleep because of anxiety sometimes, and it put me right to sleep! :)

    xo Kenzie
    Girl From the North Country

    1. I'll download it, right now! Thank you for the recommendation.

  6. That white dress is oh so pretty!