Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekend Links

(photo from my instagram)

Happy weekend, everyone! It's Bobby's birthday (the big 3-0), so we've been celebrating the only way we know how: lots of good food and treats. I ordered a custom cake that was supposed to look like Vester, and it turned out to be a little bit of a fail - you might have seen it on my snapchat (keikolynngroves). FYI, I bought $2 worth of donuts to make a "breakfast cake" and it was better looking than the very pricey actual cake. So, the moral of the story is to always stack up some donuts and call it a day. Hooray! While we continue the birthday celebrations, check out some of the links I bookmarked, this week!

Makeup rules were made to be broken. Speaking of makeup, any tutorials you'd like to see? Product focused posts? Let me know! 

- Hey, Bobby, can you make this cheese soufflé for me?

- I'm on the hunt for the flare leg jeans with a medium to high rise. I love my current pair (J Brand "Babe") but need a higher rise. Any suggestions?

This makes me feel old.

- I really want this wallpaper. And this one. But first, I need a house!

- We've been really good about sticking to our resolution of eating in, more - so I'm bookmarking this meatless meal plan for some new ideas, this week.

- I don't have children, but I can't help but notice how judgmental the internet world (and, well, the world) can be about the dos and don'ts parenting. Danielle's sweet and honest post about motherhood was a refreshing reminder to be kind and supportive. Heck, let's try that in every aspect of life - okay?


  1. I love your t shirt :) And thanks for sharing these links...that wallpaper is dreamy!

    xo Azu

  2. awesome post!
    i love the photo. its so cute :D

  3. Must check these! ;)

  4. God, the cheese soufflé... My mouth is watering... haha

  5. Cool post !

  6. Love these links! Just when I'm looking for something to do on this lovely Sunday morning...

    xoxo, Alice // Blog Inconnue // Owner of shop Inconnue

  7. Madewell has some high waisted flare jeans I've been eyeing..:)

  8. I ordered high-waisted bell bottom jeans at Old Navy a month ago. They had petite and tall sizes too!

    Jamie |

  9. The link for feeling old; I feel you. I feel really silly when reading or on social networks like Instagram, where I have to go and Google a word they used to describe something because I don't understand what they're talking about lol.

  10. Paige makes the best, most flattering jeans with perfect stretch! Nordstrom carries them in high waisted, bell bottoms, too.

  11. Let me know what you end up with, as far as the jeans go...I'm on the same hunt!