Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Santa Monica

Outfit Details:
vintage dress
vintage head scarf (see my tutorial here)
Coach "Dutchess" studded slide sandals
Kate Spade "Splash Out" straw clutch
Virginie Millefiori lips ring
Illesteva cat-eye sunglasses (similar)

Bobby, Kim and I recently went to Santa Monica, where we walked along the boardwalk, strolled the beach, and watched Bobby act like a monkey. He also won a couple of stuffed monkeys, as it happens - and Miku has been enjoying their company, ever since. Bobby is the easiest person to please in the world; you'll hear him saying "Best day ever!" at least once a day, and every meal is the best one he's had in a long time. But on this particular day, I think it really was one of his best days ever. Give him a beach, some nice weather, and things to climb and swing on, and he'll keep himself entertained for hours. Also, if you're wondering why I'm recoiling from Kim's affection, it's because I was certain she was going to lick my face. She does that. My friends are weirdo. But so am I.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Makeup Monday: My Current Beauty Obsessions

Even though I'm constantly trying new products, I often find myself reaching for the same ones, over and over. I've already covered my favorite liquid lipsticks, brow routine, and cat eye liner routine, and one day soon, I'll give you my exhausting list of favorite lipsticks. But for now, here are some current beauty products I'm loving:

1. Hourglass Cosmetics "Ambient Lighting" Palette: I first discovered this during a Space.NK shoot, when the makeup artist used this during my demo. Of all the products she used, this one stood out to me - it immediately took my flat looking complexion and gave it dimension, making it look glowing and ethereal.

2. Urban Decay "X" eyeshadow: This shimmery, peachy shadow is such a beautiful, subtle shade for everyday wear. Kim and I were obsessed with MAC's limited edition "Say, Yeah" shadow, and this has become our replacement for our long lost shade.

3. Stila Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush:  This is the newest product in my arsenal, but it's already a major favorite. With Summer just around the corner, it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I've been wearing "Rosewater" (a mauve/rose shade) and "Water Poppy" (a vibrant looking red). The bright colors might be intimidating in the pot, but they have a very sheer, natural looking finish.

4. Nails Inc. Victoria Beckham nail polish in "Judo Red Collection": Let's put it this way - I have a ridiculous collection of polishes, and yet I've almost emptied this bottle. It's a vivid red-orange shade, and I love the brush width (it basically gets the whole nail in one swoop).

5. The Body Shop "Drops of Youth" Eye Concentrate: Pop this in the fridge and apply it in a figure eight around your eyes and between your brows for the most cooling sensation. The metal roller ball and serum combo depuffs and feels amazing.

6. Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm: I've been using this beauty balm for a long time (I also use Dr. Jart+), but I think of this as more of a tinted moisturizer than a true beauty balm, since it actually has more color to it. It evens out my skin without covering it up, letting freckles and beauty marks show through. I apply concealer on top, where necessary. See my flawless skin tutorial for my routine (but swap out the foundation and primer for bb cream).

7. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar in "Memento": I've tried a lot of lip tars, and I've learned that my favorites are the matte ones. That's no surprise, since I usually gravitate toward matte finishes, but some of the other finishes are a little too oily and slippery for me. The matte ones are creamy and opaque - and "Memento" in particular is such a versatile shade. Bonus: a tiny bit goes a very long way.

8. Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in "Volver": On days when I skip liner and mascara (very often, lately - especially when it comes to the latter), I brighten up my eyes with this magic little shadow liner, on the inner corners of my eyes and under my lower lashes. This peachy, shimmery champagne shade also happens to pair really well with Urban Decay's "X" (#2 on the list).

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

LA // Palm Springs

Outfit Details:
Similar straw hat
Similar heart sunglasses
Kate Spade "Splash Out" straw clutch
Rory Beca "Mento" blouse

I'm currently in Los Angeles! Bobby, Miku and I are staying with my bff Kimbly, and we're all heading out to Palm Springs in a couple of days, for my friend's wedding. I've never been, so please let me know if you have any recommendations. Follow along in real time on my snapchat (keikolynngroves) and my instagram.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Makeup Monday Tutorial: How To Dramatize Your Smokey Eyes

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Cool Neutral x 15 Eyeshadow palette  (colors used: "Black Tied" - lid, "Pearled Earth" - crease, and "Flounce" - blend)
MAC "Stars n Rockets" eyeshadow (purple on inner eye)
MAC "Freshwater" eyeshadow (blue on lower outer lashline)
MAC "Blacktrack" fluidline
MAC "Smolder eye" kohl
Smashbox "Heartbreak" blush
MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo lipstick in "Oxblood"

As soon as MAC sent over their MAC Cool Neutral x 15 Eyeshadow palette  to me, I knew I wanted to create a tutorial with it. I'm a longtime fangirl, so a box from MAC is an extra special treasure. But with my last tutorial being dedicated to a daytime smokey eye, I didn't want to go completely neutral. The only logical solution was to go with my old mainstay, the smokey eye with purple and blue accents. You might not realize or remember this, since you're all more used to me in a bold lip with liquid liner, but I used to wear a variation of this look on an almost daily basis. I love the way the purple and blue give off this oil-slick sheen when layered over the black liner - it adds a little something special to an otherwise pretty basic smokey eye. Want to learn how to recreate this? Follow my step by step tutorial!

1. Prep your eyes with primer.
2. Using a damp brush, pat "Black Tied" on your eyelids.
3. Sweep "Pearled Earth" (silver) in the crease, softening the edges of the black.
4. Blend out with "Flounce" (soft pink).
5. Smudge "Blacktrack Fluidline" over your lower lashline.
6. Take this time to blend all of the dark edges until they're softer and diffused, using [dry] black tied shadow.
7. Apply "Stars N Rockets" (purple) over the inner lower lashline, tear duct, and then pull it through the inner crease.
8. Apply Freshwater on the outer lower lashline.
9. Line your waterline (top and bottom) and lashline with "Smolder" eye kohl and add mascara. Done!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekend Link Roundup

(Photo from my instagram; sticker via Pink Olive

- How the Queen spends Mother's Day - a cute video worth watching.

- Speaking of Mother's Day, this mug and this stamped spoon and coffee set are making their way to my mom, who is equal parts mom, grammy, and coffee lover. Check out Milk and Honey Luxuries on Etsy for more great, handmade gift ideas!

- My newest makeup obsession.

- And speaking of royalty (this time, for real) - there's a new baby princess!

- Fascinating time lapse videos of beauty retouching.

- I fell in love with this dress, tracked it down in store, and made it mine!

- I want to go to there.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tokyo DisneySea

Last weekend, I mentioned that I never got around to posting all of our photos from Tokyo. Well, I'm particularly sad that I never posted those from Tokyo DisneySea, because it was such a magical place! I suppose my oversight was for two reasons: I colored my hair back to brown and felt strange posting them back and forth, and I made the mistake of only bringing my pancake lens to the park, which made for some lackluster photos. It's a shame, because this place is the most beautiful theme park I've ever been to, and every inch of it is a photo op. We were originally going to skip this park, since we already hit Disneyland, but some local friends insisted it was an absolute must. That's all we needed for an excuse - we're huge Disney fans, as you might have realized. We only spent half a day there, so we could head back to Tokyo for a night of exploring, but it was well worth it. 

If you want to see some stunning photos at DisneySea, check out Carrie's post, here (which is also the reason I remembered my own DisneySea photos). In the meantime, let's take a walk down memory lane, to my magical day at DisneySea!

Mickey Mouse handles and windows on the train to the park entrance. No detail is overlooked!

Duffy the Disney Bear reigns supreme at Tokyo DisneySea, and Tokyo Disney, for that matter. Gaggles of girls are dressed in their best Disney gear, with their popcorn buckets (remember mine?) and Duffy bags. I got a Duffy Bear bag and did my best to fit in, because I didn't want to embarrass myself. Also, it matched my outfit and I really, really wanted one.

We had to try all of the treats, though I let Bobby have his black hot dog by himself (seriously, what's with the black burgers and hot dogs?) and these alien mochi were my favorite. Look at them! Oooooooohhhhhh. They were a nice little snack for the long, long line to Toy Story Mania. That, and the Halloween special Haunted Mansion (it was decked out with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme) were our favorite rides.

Nothing topped the Little Mermaid section of the park, which has its own "underwater" world with several rides and shops within. I can't even imagine what my reaction would have been to it, as a child; even as an adult, I was enthralled!

We had such a lovely time at Tokyo DisneySea! You can also check out my post from Tokyo Disneyland and more of my posts from Tokyo, Nara, and Kyoto, here!